Your Skin Is Looking Rough!

Your Skin Is Looking Rough!

Ooh child, your skin is looking rough! Dry, ashy, flaky…it may start cracking and getting little bumps. Don’t blame eczema…did your dermatologist say you have eczema or any form of dermatitis? Let me guess, you Web MD’d your symptoms. Not knocking Web MD, love it and all but seriously not every case of ashy skin is eczema so just admit you have dry skin. Just kidding, but if you know you simply have dry skin and not a skin condition read on.

Now that you’ve admitted your dry skin drama, let’s try to do something about it! Anyone can have dry, ashy skin…even Caucasians. So I’ve had so many people ask how I get my skin so soft and glowing. Other than showering regularly and using a good moisturizer, I dry brush. When I say that they ask what dry brushing is, how to do it and what the benefits are. So…

Dry brushing is a simple, 5 minute process of brushing the skin. Yes, I said brushing skin. It is actually something you may experience at some spas but you can do it at home for free!

There are a few benefits of dry brushing. A huge topical benefit is that dry brushing exfoliates the skin. Exfoliation is important, get rid of those dead skin cells and embrace soft, smooth looking skin. Also dry brushing is therapeutic and relaxing…like I said, spa treatment!

Have cellulite? Yea most people do, even us skinny minnies. While we cannot eliminate those pesky dimples we can minimize the appearance somewhat. Dry brushing provides circulation which helps decrease the toxins that can cause cellulite and/or the appearance of them. Basically the circulation can shift or help distribute fatty cells evenly on your body to make it look more appealing.

Dry brushing also gives support to your immune system. It has to do with the lymphatic system (ask your doc, google it or Web MD). The circulation from dry brushing jump starts the process of getting rid of toxic waste (basically detoxing your body) through the lymphatic system. I know that all sounds medical heavy but trust me on this one. My immune system isn’t that strong but ever since I began dry brushing I have noticed a boost.

Before I tell you how to dry brush, I must give you some warning my lovely doc warned me about. Do not dry brush if:

1. You have diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.
2. You have been diagnosed with a skin conition such as eczema, psoriasis or have severely sensitive skin.
3. Currently have a rash, open wounds/scratches or infections.

How to dry brush:

You skin should be dry, hence “dry” brushing. So start before you take your shower or bath. Start at the feet and work your way up the body, brushing in circular motions. (Common sense note: Do not dry brush your face).

It is important to brush toward your heart (circulation benefit) so once you get to the upper torso and arms keep that in mind.

Now rinse off in a warm shower and before you get out be brave and turn the water cold. Trust me, you’re going to hate the cold water part at first but you will love how refreshed you feel afterward! That’s it, you’re done.

Once your skin is smooth to your satisfaction, you should continue dry brushing to maintain your great healthy skin. This is not something you have to do every day and it only take a few minutes before you in the shower. Try it out for a while…your body will thank you!



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