You Must FlyOver America!

FlyOver America - Mall of America #TBEXinMN

Think of the thrilling adventures and sights you dream of but haven’t attempted because of fear, finances or lack of time. Now imagine being able to experience them in complete safety for less than $20 in under 30 minutes. A beyond realistic virtual attraction with indescribably breathtaking views that you can only see if you are the most extreme adventurer. Or Superman. That my darlings is Flyover America, a flight simulator located at Nickelodeon Universe in Mall of America. It is hands down the best flight simulator in the United States right now. Not even kidding.

FlyOver America - Mall of AmericaFlyOver America - Mall of America

Last week during my trip to Minnesota for TBEX North America, I had the opportunity to go on some rides at Nickelodeon Universe during a private welcome party for conference attendees. FlyOver America was at the top of my list to check out. First we watched what may be one of the most entertaining safety presentations I have seen and then entered to take our seats. As the lights dimmed, I sat there excited but also not expecting too much. I live in FL, where the most famous mouse in the universe is my neighbor. Boy was I in for a shocking world of fabulous awesomeness! The next ten minutes were stunning. As you begin to take off, a nervous but invigorating feeling of “Omg did I get on a roller coaster by mistake?!” comes across but that is quickly replaced with breathtaking views that will make you not even want to blink. The things you’ll see…and feel, are so lifelike you will think you are really flying. I cannot even come up with the words to fully describe this attraction without letting spoilers slip out. Just go witness this for yourself! It is a truly unforgettable experience.

Flyover America is by far my favorite attraction at Mall of America. Possibly my favorite thing ever. I’m going to go ahead and say that, yes, it even tops Soarin’ at Epcot for me. Sorry Disney, I’ma let you finish but Flyover America is the best flight simulator of all time! Both are amazing attractions I would repeat over and over but this loyal mouse fan has to be honest. I will be heading back to Minnesota this summer with my family and the first stop will be Mall of America to board FlyOver America again. I’m sure we will take flight several times because the ride is open seven days a week and it runs about every 20 minutes. You can purchase advance tickets which can shorten your wait time in line on busy days or you can simply grab a ticket when you get there. Either way it shouldn’t be too long and it is worth every second. On your way out you can pick up some cool merchandise, including the photos you posed for before your flight.

FlyOver America - Mall of America

You will be mesmerized. You will want to Flyover America again and again. You. Will. Love. It.

FlyOver America is located in Nickelodeon Universe at:

Mall of America
60 E Broadway
Bloomington, MN 55425

Mall of America