You Are Lazy!

That’s right, I said it! You are lazy and so am I. We may work, clean, cook and so much more but it doesn’t cancel out the fact that people are somewhat lazy these days. Simply because of all the gadgets that have been produced over the years and are continuously developed into bigger, better things. Just a few examples:

Microwaves – Once used to quickly heat up left overs; now used to “cook” entire meals. Just stroll down the frozen entree isle, pop that baby in the microwave and it’s dinner time! (I don’t like microwaves, in fact I’m very bad at using them)

Mini Refrigerators – I’m a bit thirsty. What’s that you said?…Go to the kitchen? Ha! How dare you suggest I get up and walk a bagillion feet to get a bottle of water! I’ve got this super cool mini fridge by my bed you silly rabbit!

TV Remotes – OMG, I can’t find the remote. How on earth will I change the channel now? Ever notice someone spend 10 minutes searching for the remote instead of simply walking up to the tv and pressing the channel button?

Cellular Phones – I’m the queen of this one! We can do almost anything from phones today, especially a smart phone! I compose email, text, Twitter, Facebook, IM, write notes, shopping lists, balance checkbooks, browse the web, set appointments, take photos, videos, play music, sort finances & budgeting, edit documents, get directions, play games and so much more all from my Blackberry Storm. What do I do the least from my phone? Make calls! Twisted…

Intercoms – Ooh look, all I do is walk up to the box by the door, press the button and speak…and the person in the next room will here me! Sweet! Funny how I see these even in one bedroom apartments. I don’t have one and my house is huge! Frankly, I’d be too lazy to use one. Why get up & press buttons? Dude, I’ll just text you from my super cool, high tech, do it all smart phone. (See Cellular Phones above…I really need a cellular addict support group).

So those are very few things that help us have little lazy moments…anything else?


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  1. October 22, 2009 / 2:27 PM

    Well written…I agree w/ you a 110%; especially in regards to cell phones. I have a Blackberry as well so I can definitely relate in terms of doing everything from my phone. Anyways, All these technological advances do work collectively to make a lazier society but hey! our society is constantly changing therefore it turns into more of an individual battle as far a picking and choosing what types of technology is best for us. What do you think?