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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lifes2good, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've seen a lot of questions going around from darlings looking for help with hair growth and thinning hair. I saw a segment on The Ricki Lake show where she had a pajama party and Viviscal was mentioned for thinning hair. So I thought I’d look into it a bit and on the Viviscal website learned about Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements. Viviscal is a 100% drug free hair growth vitamin that promotes thicker, longer faster growing hair and works for all hair types. It was mentioned that it is clinically proven to support growth of thinning hair for women and men. These supplements are distributed by Lifes2good which includes natural health, lifestyle and beauty products and many of them are supported by scientific studies. I like mostly that these are not prescription drugs or topical treatments with chemicals!

Just like vitamins, you'd take Viviscal every day so that it can do it's job to help nourish and strengthen hair from the inside. Us beauty darlings know that beauty definitely starts from the inside. Just like our bodies and skin need a boost, so does hair! My grandmother experienced hair thinning as she age and my mother is also beginning to experience this, so even though I've got a thick head full of hair, this is something I've always given minor thought to. Ways to help prevent as much hair thinning as possible as I age. I also know first hand that medical conditions can cause temporary hair loss and my doctor suggested that vitamins aimed toward hair growth could help reduce hair loss for me. Let me tell you, hair fallout can seriously mess with your mind…self esteem is no joke!

When I went to the Viviscal website, I saw references that it was also mentioned on The View as well as some fashion magazines. Some of Viviscal® Supplements ingredients are acerola cherry, Iron, Vitamin C, Biotin,  marine complex AminoMar™, a blend of proteins said to promote existing hair growth. You could start seeing results in 3 to 6 months. Their reports are that over 75% of Viviscal customers see results in less than 6 months and some even noticed stronger nails. Also, my friend will be happy when I share with him that one of their studies shows that Viviscal seems to be the first active treatment for alopecia in young males. Basically male-pattern baldness and the condition started for him within the last 6 months. Hopefully, Viviscal will be something that can help him out! Have you ever used Viviscal? They are several  Viviscal Hair Growth products to choose from including Viviscal products for women, men, extra strength, shampoo and conditioner. If you have thinning hair or want to give your hair growth a boost, you should visit the Viviscal website and see what they may have for you.

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