Tsalagi (Cherokee) Culture Series

So I thought I would share part of my culture with anyone who may be interested. I will be posting about the history, traditions and language of the Tsalagi (Cherokee) culture. I may do the same for Italian at a later time but let’s deal with one at time! Today I will start with the language. The lessons will start off small so you can ease into it and then we will advance with larger lessons. Before you can learn words, you must learn the pronunciation of vowels as it differs from English. Here are the vowels:

(a) – Same as (a) in father

(e) – Same as (a) in date

(i) – Same as (i) in police

(o) – Same as (o) in tote

(u) – same as (u) in tune or short as in bull

(v) – as (u) in fun

Today’s word is: Osiyo (oh-see-yo) – Hello

From now on I will greet you in all Tsalagi related posts by saying Osiyo. So practice your vowel pronunciations and new word. It is very important to get familiar with these because as we progress the difficulty level will increase. Stay tuned for the next lesson!


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