Tinkle Tips For Long Haul Travel

Always Discreet: Tinkle Tips For Long Haul Travel

I am a professional public restroom avoider during travel, but sometimes health and long-haul travel defeats even the best of us. I’m typically a hold-it kind of girl, but unexpected life changes may make your body create a wacky plan of its own. If you’re a hold-it kind of girl like me, or you also have a father who tries to turn a twenty-two- hour road trip into a nonstop ride, here are a few little tinkle tips for long-haul travel.

Always Discreet: Tinkle Tips For Long Haul Travel

  • Wear liners such as Always Discreet, which is specially made for sensitive bladder protection.

After my car accident, I experienced temporary bladder leaks for about two months and these undetectable liners were just what I needed. Confusion was the feeling I had as a thirty-something who naively thought this only happened to elderly folks. My physician said it was a condition called bladder shock which could last up to six months and is common with spinal injuries. After hearing this, my inquisitive nature couldn’t resist asking more and more questions. I was surprised to learn of the many causes of bladder leaks and that 1-in- 3 women experience them. Bladder leaks are not prejudiced; it can happen to anyone at any age. It can occur due to aging, injury, diet, pregnancy, childbirth or various other reasons. It can be temporary or permanent depending on the circumstances. Always Discreet liners are very flexible and thin making them perfect for minor leaks. They are lightly scented and feature exclusive OdorLock™ technology to instantly neutralize odor. I tried using menstrual liners, and it did not work out as well as Always Discreet liners. Absorption is rather instant with these liners because they have unique RapidDry™ protection. Inside the package, each liner is individually wrapped which is perfect for travel because you can toss the amount you need in your carry-on bag or purse. Always Discreet has liners, pads, and underwear in numerous sizes available so you can pick the protection level that is right for your needs.

Always Discreet: Tinkle Tips For Long Haul Travel

  • Sit closer to the restroom on planes, trains, and buses.

Sitting super close to restrooms is not the most pleasant experience so you may not want to sit too near, however, being seated within ten rows of the restroom may be helpful if you have to relieve yourself or freshen up often. Also, some buses are double deckers where the restroom is on the first level. In that case, sitting on the upper deck may not be the best choice for bathroom access. For cruises, request a ship map so you can familiarize yourself with the public restroom locations when you are not in your stateroom.

Always Discreet: Tinkle Tips For Long Haul Travel

  • Choose an aisle seat.

Choosing an aisle seat on a plane, train or bus is not only more convenient for yourself, but also for your row mates. You won’t have to disturb others while trying to get out of your row to head to the restroom. Having to wake up a stranger sitting next to you is not the best feeling, and if you have to go several times, it becomes awful. Also, it’s not fun when you have to ask others to put their tray tables up and hold onto their food and drinks during a flight so you can get out of your seat. Yes, I was that girl. Twice. If you can select a seat during booking, opt for the aisle.

  • Map out points of interest for your road trip.

Remember that bit about the father who makes nonstop road trips? That is my dad. I’ve learned to be strategic. “Dad, we have to see these places. Seriously!” Mapping out points of interest along your route not only lead to fun experiences but also provides several opportunities to hop into the ladies room. These do not have to create long delays; they can be quick pit stops to take photos of cool signs, glance at quirky shops or discover the world’s largest hot dog.

Always Discreet: Tinkle Tips For Long Haul Travel

  • Bring disposable wipes.

Never leave home without disposable wipes so you can freshen up because a twenty-hour travel day without them is no fun. Feminine wipes work wonderfully, but I opt for baby wipes because they are more versatile as I can use them from head to toe with less risk of irritation for my sensitive skin. With a bit of planning, cleansing wipes, and leak protection if needed, long-haul travel should be a bit easier and more comfortable. Remember that bladder leaks are common and nothing to be embarrassed by, but you’ll feel much better about it by using proper protection like Always Discreet and positioning yourself with more convenient access to restrooms.

This content was sponsored by Always Discreet. All thoughts and opinions are my own.