Thrifty Thursday Fashion | Purple Leopard | Style Under $25

Leopard Print Ballet Flats - American Eagle - Payless

I’ve been on a casual, lazy comfy kind of fashion vibe lately. A go with the flow but “I still got it” type of way. Yesterday I threw this look together in 10 minutes using some clothing and accessories I bought here and there. All for $50…sike! Less than that my darlings. I’ve dressed for less before but for this Thrifty Thursday fashion post, I’m sharing my outfit of the day for $23.50 🙂

Thrifty Thursday Color? Blame It On The Grape…

I was swatching some gorgeous purple Bettina nail polish I got from Cristina of Let Them Have Polish while we were at the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meetup Saturday. I fell in love and thought, “Dude I’m feeling pretty grapetastic!” and then it started…my search for purple shirts.

Bettina Nail Enamel - Believe - Let's Celebrate Collection
Bettina Nail Enamel – Believe – Let’s Celebrate Collection

I dug this cute little purple sweater out of my closet. It’s a nice mid-weight top for a breezy Florida day, which seems to be the norm this week. I got the sweater at a local thrift shop for $1.50, total score for Thrifty Thursday lovers!

Mina Slater - Thrifty Thursday - Purple and Leopard Print
Purple thrifted sweater and Blue Asphalt Showstopper jeans

I totally realized today that I failed to get any snapshots that included a good view of my skinny jeans, or a full head to toe shot. Tisk, tisk. Thifty Thursday flop much? Anywho, I grabbed these Blue Asphalt Showstopper jeans ages ago on sale at Wet Seal for $16.00 (rounded up to include tax).

I Am Tiger…Uh…Leopard, Hear Me Roar!

Muffin and I were shopping recently and we both went on about how we are over leopard print for the moment. Guess the moment didn’t last long for me! Last Friday I happened upon these American Eagle flats at Payless for $5 and they called out to me. No seriously, they said “Mina, try us on, we’re purrrfect for Thrifty Thursday!”. It’s hard for me to even find shoes that fit my tiny feet, so I had to get them!

Leopard Print Ballet Flats - American Eagle - Payless
Leopard Print Ballet Flats by American Eagle from Payless shoe store

Oh snapple, I found these leopard print hoops I never wore! Cute earring yes? I got these for $1 a while back from MizOutlet, which I think is closed now…or closing. Darn shame since everything they carried was uber cheap, perfect for tons of Thrifty Thursday posts. Anywho, I pinned half of my hair back with two bobby pins and curled the ends plus my bangs with a flat iron.

Mina Slater - Purple and Leopard Print
Leopard print earrings, so cute 🙂

My makeup was a bit faded in the photos above since I applied it that morning in the car hours earlier. Here’s a photo I snapped on my phone when I finished my mobile makeup session 😉 I used purple and bronze eyeshadow, black gel eye liner and strawberry lip gloss all by Ofra Cosmetics. No foundation, just a good lair of SPF 40 sunblock.

Mina Slater - Purple and Leopard Print Earrings
Snapshot after finishing my makeup in the car.