Tampa Mini Vacation

Tampa Mini Vacation

This is late but I just realized I never posted about my birthday trip to Tampa last month. My best friend had a business trip there so I decided to meet up with her since I’m not too far from Tampa. I was so happy to see her and it was a great way to spend my birthday since my Lubby was out of town working.

The best food we had was at Palm Restaurant. The food was delicious, staff was amazingly attentive and the decor was entertaining. We stopped by Columbia Restaurant as well. The building itself is beautiful and it gets very crowded so it is best to make a reservation. Cheesecake Factory was a must have, I am in love with that place and wanted to see if Tampa’s was as good as the one here in Orlando. We also had a fun dinner at the Greek spot, Acropolis. The mural on the wall inside was gorgeous. Opa!

The hotel had free breakfast buffets and happy hour daily. The room was spacious and all that I felt was missing was a cd player or clock radio with an iPod outlet. It’s 2010 so some establishments need to upgrade a bit. We met some fans in the elevator who asked to take a photo with me (I should have requested a copy by email). They then kept saying we weren’t old enough to have our glasses of wine and asked how old we were. My bestie yelled “14!!!”. Priceless.

We went to Busch Gardens, all excited and touristy, fully believing we’d never been there. As we began walking around we got a sense of familiarity. Turns out we had been there a year prior. We were with our boyfriends (her ex now) and we did not remember the trip because the guys were being divas. We barely got on any rides, saw any shows or anything. Lubby actually brought a book and read it the whole time! So this time around we did everything! Roller coasters, shows, face paint…you name it, we did it. We had a great time which proves that sometimes you have to leave the men at home!

You can see more photos from the trip on the Facebook page.


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