Swimwear All Year

I love living in the sunshine state! Great weather, beautiful scenery and best of all we can get swimwear to lounge by the pool whenever we want! For those living in the seasonal states, I always wondered what you do when it’s winter and you plan a vacation in FL. Where do you get your swimwear, dresses, shorts & sandals? Your stores sell these items for what…like a month out of the year? You must buy them online, but that gets expensive since it is out of season.

Well, Kohl’s Departmentstore has decided to rescue you from your beach vacation travel woes! Kohl’s now sells vacation essentials at great prices all year round! So no need for you cold dwellers to fret about finding swimwear, sunglasses, sandals or flip flops for your sunny getaway! Happy shopping & look me up when you get here…I’ll be your tour guide!