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Styling Shift Dress For A Night Out

The shift dress is the best day-to-night piece of clothing that you can choose. Wonderful for smart work wear or a sophisticated casual look, it can become a statement outfit for the evening with the right styling. Born in the Sixties, the shift dress is a timeless classic. You can turn your perfectly professional daytime look into a sophisticated sexy head-turning outfit with these simple styling tips.

Essential Accessories

Plain shift dresses are the easiest to manage so pick a midnight blue or black dress for a really sexy, yet sophisticated look. Don’t worry – plain doesn’t mean boring. In fact the best thing about simple dresses is that the scope for transitions is huge. This season, oversized jewellery is completely on trend so team your dress with a piece of statement, exaggerated and chunky jewellery. This will really add some life to your outfit and look amazing in the neon lights of the night. You could also add a belt to your dress to add a block of colour or a glamorous animal print pattern. Whatever your personality, show it off with the accessories you choose.

Black and Gold

Black and gold is a timeless combination to give you a glamorous classy look. Contrast golden bangles and a gorgeous clutch bag against a sleek, stylish black shift dress to look fabulously on trend. Metallic materials look fantastic in clubs. When you’re dancing in the moonlight, people won’t be able to take their eyes off you. It’s easy to create shift dress evening styles just by adding a little glamour with gold or diamonds.

Shift Dress

Subtle Shift

Peach and pinks are the colour trends to look out for this season. Summery styles are great for that day-to-night transition. Pair your dress with a heeled white sandal or wedge, especially if your dress is patterned. Styling for a night out is about not only looking sexy but feeling it too, so pick a colour that you’re comfortable with to really show off your personality.


As we all know, shoes can make or break the perfect outfit. Luckily, the shift dress suits just about every style of shoe. Heels are a must for a night out to show off fabulous legs. Team your shift dress with a pair of killer heels or wedges to look and feel sexy. Shoe boots are also a great statement and work wonderfully well – adding a little rock star attitude to your outfit.

Walk with confidence and get ready to dance the night away in this season’s biggest trend – the shift dress. With Channel Sixties chic, you will sparkle with sophistication and you are sure to have a fantastic night out. Don’t be shy and really show off your new, sleek shift dress.[line-sep]Author Bio: Hilary Gibson is passionate about style and has been writing on the subject of women’s fashion for 10 years. She prides herself on being up-to-date with all the latest trends especially shift dress evening styles.