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Spornette Cushion Brushes From Big Daddy Beauty

Spornette cushion brushes, woot! I’m a big fan of paddle brushes for my hair and was on the lookout for a new one. Big Daddy Beauty offered me a complimentary brush from their online store just days before I planned to go shopping. Perfect timing 🙂 BigDaddyBeauty.com is an online beauty supply superstore! They sell hair care, makeup, nail polish and more by some of the top brands in beauty.

Spornette Cushion Brushes – Hair Lovin’

Big Daddy Beauty sent me two Spornette cushion brushes! First, let me say that I love Spornette brushes but I love, love, love Spornette cushion brushes! They last much longer than other brushes and they have so many options to choose from. I received a Spornette Zhu II Boar & Nylon Bristles Cushion Hair Brush from the new Zhu II Collection, as well as a Spornette Classic Cushion Porcupine Oval Boar and Nylon Bristles Hair Brush. Both are paddle brushes, which I feel help make your hair smoother and are easier to use. These Spornette cushion brushes feature boar and nylon bristles to help distribute hair’s natural oils. I also prefer wooden brush handles and I do not need any volume added to my already thick hair, so these are typically what I’d purchase! Some do not know, but which hair brushes you use does make a difference. Some are for de-tangling, others to add volume, smooth, shape, etc. Most importantly, neither of these brushes pull globs of my hair out, yay! Anywho, if you’re a hair care darling like me, you probably use several brushes for different reasons…

Spornette Cushion Brushes From Big Daddy Beauty

Spornette Zhu II Cushion Brush

The Spornette Zhu II cushion brush is made of compressed cork particles and bamboo. It makes the handle non-slip which comes in great handy if using a product that contains oils. It has boar and nylon bristles that leave my hair soft, smooth and shiny. I use this brush for my bangs, to tame fly-aways and for styling with my flat iron. I find that it smooths my hair, preparing it for a straitening as I pass the flat iron through my hair. It’s also good at getting to the scalp without hurting my super tender head. Yup, I’m a softy…tender headed all my life! This brush gets the job done without the ouchies so I’ve been using it daily.

Spornette Zhu II Cushion Brush From Big Daddy Beauty

Spornette Porcupine Oval Classic Cushion Brush

This Spornette cushion brush is my new favorite! I love the wooden handle and the shape of it makes it easier to grip very well with my petite hands. The classic look of this brush reminds of what my Nana would use and she was a woman who knew beauty! This brush also has boar and nylon bristles but the level are different here. The nylon bristles are longer than the boar bristles. They basically peek out further…which is probably where the porcupine name came from. I use this brush for light de-tangling and style touch-ups. It comes in handy when I don’t want to lose curls but need a touch ups that sometimes wide-tooth combs just can’t handle. Also, I use this brush every night before bed. It feels like I’m getting an amazing scalp massage!

Spornette Porcupine Oval Classic Cushion Brush From Big Daddy Beauty
Spornette Porcupine Oval Classic Cushion Brush From Big Daddy Beauty

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You can find these Spornette cushion brushes and many other beauty items at BigDaddyBeauty.com!

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