Road Trippin With Fire Tablet From Amazon

Road Trippin with Fire Tablet from Amazon

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I am currently in Gulf County, FL with family having the time of our lives. It was a 5+ hour road trip to get here and having my Fire tablet from Amazon with me was quite convenient. I used it to read, play games, listen to music and even snapped some photos along the way. Here are just a few reasons I love traveling with Fire tablet from Amazon.

Fire Tablet From Amazon

  • Music galore! I am no huge fan of the radio during road trips or ever driving a short distance to another county because you eventually lose the station you were listening to as you cross county to county. Prime Music fixes that issue with tons of songs you can play even when you do not have access to WiFi. Whether I am in a car, plane or train I can still listen to music on the go.
  • I can read my books much easier thanks to the screen size. As soon as I connected to my Amazon account I had access to all the books I downloaded or borrowed. I am currently borrowing A Girl On A Train, not to be confused with the girl on the train. This is a different girl on a different train and I couldn’t resist reading both books. The screen size also makes playing some of my favorite games like Pac Man and Sonic easier. There are tons of apps and games and plenty of them are free.

Road Trippin with Fire Tablet from Amazon

  • Watching my favorite shows and movies is easy too! As a Prime Member using the On Deck feature on the Fire tablet, the first episodes of Amazon Original Series and Prime Video are downloaded while the device is not in use. So I’ll have access to watch it anywhere, anytime. If you are not a Prime member, On Deck with download the first episode of Amazon Original Series for you to enjoy. When I have access to WiFi I can also use Netflix. So no matter what, my binge watch behavior doesn’t have to suffer.

Fire Tablet From Amazon

I use Blue Shade during evening flights or at night before bed. It automatically adjusts the back light on the screen to remove blue light. That makes reading and using apps at nighttime more comfortable and strains my eyes less. It’s easy to use. I just tap Blue Shade on the quick actions menu to turn it..

I love the Fire tablet and  it is so lightweight that I take it with me pretty much everywhere, every day. The battery life is good too, up to 7 hours. It is great knowing I can still do the things I enjoy with Fire tablet while saving the battery life on my phone for important things like actually making phone calls. You get unlimited cloud storage for photos taken with Fire tablet plus you can add extra storage up to 128 GB using a micro SD card to store extra music, books, movies, apps and more. I think Fire tablet from Amazon is such a great value for entertainment and more while on the go. Keep it in mind for your travels!

Road Trippin with Fire Tablet from Amazon
Thank goodness I had my Fire tablet from Amazon during my 5+ hour road trip!

You can learn more and purchase Fire tablet from Amazon. Also here is the Fire tablet from Amazon Cover that I have, which is available in multiple colors.




  1. sara mcavoy
    August 16, 2016 / 4:26 AM

    I am a bit more of a fan of the regular paperwhite kindle! I found that an Ipad did the same as a kindle fire, but i’m definitely more intrigued after reading your post.

    • August 16, 2016 / 12:12 PM

      Agreed, I have an iPad as well and while I like both tablets and they are similar I find that for me Fire tablet is a better value with the cost being so much less. 😉

  2. August 21, 2016 / 1:16 PM

    Yes, music makes everything better and more bearable, especially on the road.