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Hey Darlings! I want to tell you all about this site I’ve been exploring and recommending to quite a few friends. It’s called and it is by far the best free relationship site I’ve seen. This is not your typical relationship site where just 1 person claims to be a relationship expert and runs the whole show. It’s not a dating site or just for women either. This is a site where you can go for great articles, tips on keeping your relationship freshand opinions on relationships of all levels. You can comment and share your own opinions and experiences with others as well.

The site is broken down into 5 sections: dating, exclusive, engaged, married and parents. Each section has articles, discussions and polls relating to that relationship stage. There are articles from when to take your relationship to the next level to advise on how to make an awesome marriage proposal. Even if you are single or recently went thru a breakup, the articles on the site may help you see a few things that could have been done differently and better prepare you for a better relationship experience next time. Hill Harper of CSI: NY even throws in his 2 cents with a great video full of his own opinions on relationships & marriage from a man’s perspective. also has a Facebook page full of discussions with others individuals just like yourself. They recently had a fun Show Us The Love contest, the page is just great! If you want advise or just love to discuss topics like I do, this is a pretty cool place to do that so you should head over to the Facebook page and like them to join in! The Facebook page is an easy way to keep up with the latest new articles and news about the site. They also have a YouTube channel and you should definitely follow @twoofusorg on Twitter. No matter what level your relationship is at has some really great benefits. What are some of your relationship questions and did you find an answer on the site? Check it out and let me know what you think!

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