Psycho Stalker!!!

So there’s this guy who is not interested in being friends and would rather go on a date with me and somehow took it upon himself to believe I stood him up on a date. A date that was in fact never even setup. He doesn’t seem to understand he will never be anything more than an acquaintance, although now he will simply be nothing lol. Before I get to why I say he’s a psycho stalker, let’s all take a moment to remember that I’m practically married! My heart is fully taken and anyone that talks to me for just 5 minutes knows this.

Proof of his childish psycho stalker behavior: between 2:45pm and 9:10pm yesterday he called 383 times and sent me 218 texts. See for yourself:

Since I actually have respect, I blacked out the number to protect the loser’s privacy. Nice of me huh?

Calling several times per minute. Perhaps I’m on his speed dial list. Maybe he’s a grade A pro at redial. I think he would be handy to have around when you’re trying to win a radio contest and have to be caller number 7…if you can handle the psychotic outbursts on occasion.

He’s telling me to stop playing games regarding our “date” and calls me a b*tch. That’s lovely. If you’re trying to insult someone at least have a reason and be a bit original. Why use a female dog as an insult. What have puppies ever done to you?!!! This is also when I texted my love to tell him this craziness, my Lubby makes it all better!

He asks why…I guess why I wouldn’t go on a date. Stalkers always ask why, huh? Why don’t you like me? Why are you afraid of me? Why can’t I clip off a piece of your hair and eat it? Why are you upset that I climb your fence to peek in your window? Why do you keep calling me psycho?

The final result showing 353 missed calls and 218 unread texts. I find it disturbing that anyone would spend over 6 hours of their day harassing someone that clearly wants nothing to do with them, especially when you have no connection with that person. Even if I were stood up by someone I would not waste my day trying to contact them. I’d say screw you, it’s your loss. It was ridiculous, though Lubby (love who will be my hubby) and I had a giggle or two over it. It’s like dude, get a life! Don’t you work or have a hobby?! I must say there was a good ten minute rest where he must have taken a break to grab a bite to eat.

I honestly don’t think the guy is truly psycho, I feel he is simply childish with no life. I say this because of certain things he texted. It was more like he thought if he kept calling and texting that I’d get annoyed and finally answer or reply to his texts. That is like high school drama…worse even. I also find it disturbing that he told me he goes to myspace and looks at every photo, I have tons!

Fellas, take note. This is not the way to get a girl. Also don’t set a goal on getting a girl that’s already taken! Don’t try to be a home wrecker lol, it only makes you look like a fool. On a serious side though Lubby, my brother and Allen do want me to be cautious until we’re sure he’s moved on, understandably so with such extreme behavior. Needless to say, I was advised to file a police report if this continues…which I won’t hesitate to do!



  1. Ally
    April 7, 2009 / 11:01 PM

    GIRL! BLOCK HIS ASS! crazy ass men think they can do these silly little things…

  2. mEmYSELFaNDj
    April 8, 2009 / 2:07 PM

    OMG "Why can't I clip off a piece of your hair and eat it? " That part was highkey hilarious!! hahha But yeah that sucks, sorry you have to go through this, damn, I have a "why" question for him, "Why does he have to be sooo damn thirsty??"

  3. April 10, 2009 / 4:38 PM

    Yo this dude is straight CRAZY! LMAO at the part of eating your hair… Good luck with this guy, he sounds nuts so be careful.

  4. April 11, 2009 / 11:18 PM

    Waouh, he is such a loser. I feel bad for him being this loser.
    Nice phone btw 🙂

  5. April 13, 2009 / 12:05 PM

    LOL @ all the why?s. Get yourself a stun gun girl!! LOL!

  6. Princess Mina
    July 31, 2009 / 2:18 PM

    Lol now that you mention it, that was pretty funny about the hair. But yea this dude was an interesting character to say the least!

  7. Princess Mina
    July 31, 2009 / 2:20 PM

    I think I finally got him to back off…several months later after telling him I married and am moving away. My love was getting very upset and if he would have had to handle the drama for me it wouldn't have been pretty!

  8. YuriSanchez
    February 22, 2012 / 12:38 PM

    That's scarey the good thing you got rid of the guy.