Perlier Shower & Bath Cream – My Faves

Perlier Shower & Bath Cream

So I had previously tried the Perlier Shower & Bath Cream Kit and I was really happy to have small tubes for two reasons. Travel friendly and to test out the different types before buying the full sized versions. From the kit I liked a few and I want to tell you which ones are my faves because Perlier currently offers a buy 2 get 1 free deal!

  • I am the biggest fan ever of the Honey Bath & Shower Cream and Honey Nurturing Body Balm! Seriously my absolute favorite. It smells amazing and no it is not sticky. It’s actually soft and moisturizing.
  • The White Almond set. I like both the cleanser and the body cream. I actually found this one the most moisturizing and that surprised me because you would think the one with olive oil in or shea butter would be best at moisturizing. Not for me. White Almond won.
  • My third favorite is the Olivarium set. It’s made with pure olive oil and it is good at moisturizing but the scent wasn’t my favorite. I liked it but since the White Almond set was also moisturizing and smelled better, this one came in third on my faves list.

Perlier Shower & Bath Cream

I wasn’t a fan of the 25% Shea Butter set. I’m really shocked by that but for me it wasn’t moisturizing and actually felt dry going on my skin. The body wash worked fine but it wasn’t wowing me to justify the price. The others, I love! Anyway check out all the shower gels and body cream Perlier ha to offer and don’t forget the buy 2 get 1 free offer.