Olivia Garden Divine DV-2 Care & Style Hair Brush

Olivia Garden Divine DV-2 Care & Style Hair Brush

I am very picky when it comes to my hair care including products, accessories and styling tools. If you don’t know, I’m telling you that hair brush types matter! I had the pleasure of trying out an Olivia Garden Divine DV-2 Care & Style Hair Brush and I think this may be my favorite hair brush to date! Let me tell you why. First you should know Olivia Garden has 4 options in the Divine series. DV-1 Wet Detangler, DV-2 Care & Style Hair Brush, DV-3 Dry Detangler and DV-4 100% Boar Styler.

Olivia Garden Divine Hair BrushesI’ve been on the hunt for a new styling brush so I chose the DV-2 Care & Style which is for daily care. For me it was the best option because it utilizes a blend of Memory-Flex and 100% boar bristles.  I see it as the best of both worlds, basically a combo of the DV-1 and DV-4 because the Memory-Flex bristles detangle my damp hair with ease and the 100% boar bristles smooth my hair while styling.

Olivia Garden Divine DV-2 Care & Style Hair BrushThe brushes in Olivia Garden’s Divine series are cushion brushes and very gentle on the scalp. Huge plus for me because I have such a tender head which is partly why I rarely visit a salon. I use a gentle hand while styling my hair but I also must have a gentle brush! I also have no annoying static issues with this brush. This brush also worked well on Mama Cupcake’s curly hair which is on the coarse side but mom said it didn’t hurt. 🙂

Olivia Garden Divine DV-2 Care & Style Hair BrushAside from it’s gorgeous, luxury gold appearance I love the shape of the Olivia Garden Divine DV-2 Care & Style hair brush! The ergonomic design isn’t just something cool to look at, it is made for comfort and results. I honestly though it looked awesome but would feel awkward to use but this handle is the best thing that ever happened to my wrist! The handle is easy to grip and fits perfectly in the palm of my hand while reducing the stress and cramping on my wrist while brushing my long, thick hair.

Olivia Garden Divine DV-2 Care & Style Hair BrushThis isn’t my first run in with Olivia Garden. I also have their Healthy Hair Ionic Massage Brush and ThermoActive Ionic Boar Combo round brush that I picked up at a beauty show during the summer. I use the Healthy Hair Ionic Massage Brush every night before bed, it’s so relaxing and massaging the scalp is believed to promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp. The ThermoActive Ionic Boar Combo is a combo of boar and nylon bristles. With my long hair, I use model TA-CO55 which is a 3″ barrel.

Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Ionic Massage Brush Olivia Garden ThermoActive Ionic Boar Combo Round BrushYou can find more info and where to grab Olivia Garden brushes at OliviaGarden.com and keep up with the brand by liking Olivia Garden : Official Site on Facebook, following @OliviaGardenInt on Twitter, following OliviaGardenInt on Instagram and following Olivia Garden International on Pinterest.



  1. Neshii S Smith
    December 26, 2013 / 8:47 PM

    Wow, ur making me want to try one for my curly hair! :))

  2. March 6, 2014 / 8:29 PM

    I like the paddle style but would want the top pictured Boar Styler brushes bristles . Thank you Jerri Davis