Skintastic Spotlight | OFRA Cosmetics Vitamin C Cleanser

OFRA Cosmetics Vitamin C Cleanser

Skin can be very high maintenance but facial skin can be downright bratty! It doesn’t like to be thirsty, oily, picked at or even touched at times. It sometimes has tantrums bold enough to battle a two year old! Today in the Skintastic Spotlight I’m sharing OFRA Cosmetics Vitamin C Cleanser, an effective face cleanser gentle enough to avoid some major skin concerns.

OFRA Cosmetics Vitamin C Cleanser

I have been using OFRA Cosmetics Vitamin C Cleanser for months! It’s become my go-to daily cleanser that has helped my skin survive winter gracefully and is now taking me through Spring. OFRA Cosmetics Vitamin C Cleanser comes in a 8oz plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and is also available in a foaming pump bottle. I love that the container is semi see thru so you can actually see just how much product you have. Great for knowing when to re-order.

OFRA Cosmetics Vitamin C Cleanser
OFRA Cosmetics Vitamin C Cleanser

One pump will suffice with OFRA Cosmetics Vitamin C Cleanser. That’s all it takes for the liquid cleanser to build up a nice foamy layer of cleanser for my face and neck. It has a refreshing, light citrus scent and gently rids my skin of dirt and oil. I finish up by applying OFRA Cosmetics Vitamin C Cream. Both of these have done wonders for my combination skin! I think this cleanser is best for combination and oily skin. If you have dry skin the Kiwi Cleanser would probably be better to try.

OFRA Cosmetics Vitamin C Cleanser
OFRA Cosmetics Vitamin C Cleanser easily turns from liquid to foam. One pump is enough and I use it twice daily.

Some things I’ve noticed change with my skin are less breakouts, decreased oil on my t-zone and some brightening. Some spots of discoloration have gradually improved enough that I don’t feel I have to wear foundation for photos. My skin seems to have a lovely natural glow to it and I absolutely like it! Here are two photos of me taken a few days ago without foundation.

Mina Slater Without Foundation, No Foundation
No foundation (Left: Taken indoors with Nikon D5100, no flash. Right: Taken outside, in car with Android phone camera)

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  1. Anna Wang
    May 15, 2013 / 4:26 PM

    This looks like a great cleanser! I also like to use scrubs to brighten the skin. Would love to try this sometime!