Introducing The iPalette & iPalette Mini by OFRA Cosmetics

OFRA Cosmetics iPalette & iPalette Mini - makeup case

I love makeup. Obvious statement, right? What I don’t love is tons of scattered makeup items cluttering my space! That is why makeup palettes are appealing. But how often do you love every color in a pre-made palette? Customizing a palette is everything to me! I’ve had many customizable makeup palettes and magnetic cases but none come close to my current fave. I got these in September so they’ve been through serious testing. Introducing the iPalette and iPalette Mini by OFRA Cosmetics!

OFRA Cosmetics iPalette & iPalette Mini - makeup case

OFRA Cosmetics iPalette

I’ll start with my favorite, the OFRA Cosmetics iPalette. Being around 8″ x 4 1/2″ the iPalette has plenty of space for makeup pans but is still easy enough to take on the go. You get 8 square eyeshadows and 2 blush shades from OFRA with the iPalette to get you started. Because the palette is a flat surface you can mix and match different sizes of metal makeup pans so you don’t have to skip your favorites. I love that the cover slides off instead of flipping open.

OFRA Cosmetics iPalette - magnetic makeup case

The iPalette is no cheap quality, flimsy makeup case. This is a sleek, hard magnetic case that solves 2 issues I’ve had with makeup cases in the past. Durability and cleanliness. I’ve traveled with my iPalette and had it fall off the counter during a cruise and it still looks new. Nothing has stained it either. I just wipe with a paper towel when cleanup is needed. I plan to get more so I can neatly store all my single shadows, blush and foundation pans. I have 2 of these so far. The iPalette is $49.95 retail.

My Main Uses: Primary makeup kit, 3+ days of travel, makeup drawer organization

OFRA Cosmetics iPalette Mini

The iPalette Mini is like the iPalette’s cute kid sister. This one is about 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ and includes 6 rectangle eyeshadows to get you started for $29.95 retail. I take this with me on my busy blogger days when I’m running to multiple events, meetings and full day conferences.

OFRA Cosmetics iPalette Mini - magnetic makeup case

The size makes it easy to fit into even my small purses and clutches and because the case is magnetic I don’t worry about my makeup moving around. Like the larger one, the iPalette Mini also has a slide off cover, is a hard case and wipes clean. I also like keeping this on my makeup table to neatly store my most used eyeshadow and blush.

OFRA Cosmetics iPalette Mini - magnetic makeup case

My Main Uses: 1-2 day travel, in the purse for touch-ups, neat vanity display

I think it’s awesome that you get starter shades with them and that you can put any metal makeup pans you want in them. I’m a bit of a control freak so this gives me the control over selecting what I want, where I want. I personally favor the iPalette because it has more space…so more variety! If you have a lot of single shadows and blush like I do, the iPalette is for you. If you want to pop a few favorite shades in your purse the iPalette Mini is probably best for you.