Ofra Cosmetics Cupid Collection | Valentine’s Sale

Ofra Cosmetics Cupid Collection

So many of you darlings have loved the reviews of what I’ve gotten from Ofra Cosmetics. Many of you said you’d love to try some yourself and asked me to let you know when there is an Ofra sale. So folks, here is the latest goodies I’ve added to my Ofra Cosmetics makeup stash and details on how you can snag them on sale too! Gosh I love sales! Ofra Cosmetics currently has a limited edition sale of the Cupid Collection for Valentine’s Day.

Ofra Cosmetics Cupid Collection
Ofra Cosmetics Cupid Collection

The Cupid Collection is $29.95 (free shipping) and includes:

  • Vitamin C Cream ($24.95 regular price)
  • Magnetic Palette (5 eyeshadows, bronzer/blush, dark brown eyeliner, pink lip liner) ($49.95 regular price)
  • Bronzer Pump Brush ($29.95 regular price)
  • Lipstick 204 ($13.00 regular price)
  • Strawberry Lipgloss ($12.95 regular price)

The total retail cost of these items at regular price is $130.80 so as you can see that’s a huge price break! $29.95 + free shipping for all of these beauties is a steal and this one is a limited edition sale for Valentine’s Day that won’t happen again with such a ginormous discount!

Ofra Cosmetics Cupid Collection Review

I love the Cupid Collection and in my opinion it is an amazing deal. I missed out on the previous Ofra Cosmetics sale so no way was I going to let this one slip by! You darlings can grab the Cupid Collection from OfraCosmetics.com, there’s still time! The sale is valid until Valentine’s Day, 2/15/13, or while supplies last.

In the last few months or so I started dipping into Ofra Cosmetics skin care and so far my face & I are uber happy. I was stoked when I saw Vitamin C Cream included in the Cupid Collection package. I use Ofra Vitamin C Cleanser so now having the cream makes it a set for me, score! I love the light, natural scent and the creamy texture absorbs into my skin so well. I’ve been battling extremely dry skin for the last several weeks. About 80% of my face, which is usually combo skin type was a peeling hot mess 🙁 . Nothing has truly helped other than Ofra Vitamin C Cream. I’ve tried an array of moisturizers, having to reapply every few hours but luckily I use the Vitamin C Cream and for me it works until I wash my face again.

Ofra Cosmetics Vitamin C Cream - Cupid Collection
Ofra Cosmetics Vitamin C Cream – Cupid Collection

I really appreciate that the colors in the Cupid Collection palette are not the same shades I have in my other Ofra Cosmetics palette. Too many times I grab palettes only to realize they have not just a few, but all of the same exact colors I already got in a previous palette from the same brand. Ugh! The eyeshadow in the Cupid Collection palette holds the same high quality I expected from Ofra since I was so blown away with other items I already have from them. These are very pigmented, apply easily and stay in place for hours. I swirled my brush in the bronzer/blush and glided it along my cheeks for the perfect subtle, glowing blusher.

Ofra Cosmetics Cupid Collection Magnetic Makeup Palette
Ofra Cosmetics Cupid Collection Magnetic Makeup Palette – 5 eyeshadows, blush/bronzer, pink lip liner & dark brown eyeliner

I have wanted to find the perfect bright pink lippie for my skin tone for so long! I actually told my friend Brittany (ClumpsOfMascara.com) that I was so jelly of how gorgeous pink lips always look on her…seriously pink lipstick and Brittany could get married, it looks so flippin perfect! Well I need to say a big ol’ thank you to Ofra Cosmetics! Lipstick 204 is pinktastic perfection, such a beautiful, vivid shade of pink. It’s totally wearable and you can build the intensity to your liking so it totally works for me! It’s creamy and gladly I can’t complain about dry lips. I used the pink lip liner and tossed some of the Strawberry lipgloss on top of Lipstick 204 and loved it.

The Bronzer Pump Brush is a cool little concept that I now carry in my purse. You probably won’t need to use the pump function every time you apply the bronzer. A little goes a long, so apply sparingly…as awesome as Bruce Leroy is, you don’t need the uber glow he had in The Last Dragon movie. Now I want to go rent that movie. Anywho, the Bronzer Pump Brush obviously works on top of makeup but it’s also great for those minimal makeup days or when you’re feeling a bit unfabulous.


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  1. CarolannLeibenguth
    March 10, 2013 / 3:49 PM

    I love the bronzer pump brush and espec. since it can even fit in my tiny purse.