Ocean Adventures

Ocean Adventures

My 10 year old nephew came for spring vacation visit from up north. So last weekend we took a family road trip to Melbourne Beach, FL. I love road trips and I love the ocean! It reminds me of happy moments from childhood when my parents and uncles would pack up us kids, hit the road and go far out into the ocean on my dad’s boat.

I talked to my Lubby while at the beach and told him I wanted a beach house. He said we could get one but not a pink one 🙁 Oh well, I tried lol.

We had a great time and my nephew really enjoyed it once we got there. He’s one of those “are we there yet?” type of kids. He just hasn’t had any road trips yet but he’ll learn to entertain himself and enjoy the scenery eventually.

There were so many surfers out, I should have recorded some of them. There were also 3 manatees poking around but I couldn’t get a clear shot of them. And dolphins but I kept missing them.

Of all the surfers there was this one little boy who was just amazing! He was surfing with his dad. Dad had to help him get out because he’s so tiny, every wave would push him back to shore but once he got out there he was pro! When he finally came out for a break we clapped for him like the little star he is. He was such a nice little guy and he even posed for a photo lol. Remember this face, he’ll be a star someday!

Walking out on the pier, the water was just beautiful. I love taking photos of the ocean scenery. I have tons of photos and I usually put them up on my walls like posters. Especially the ceiling, it’s very peaceful to wake up and see pictures of the ocean.

My nephew stepped on something. After looking closely we discovered Sasha the Starfish! Yes, I gave her a name…I’m a bit of a dork. I’ve seen them before but this is the biggest I’ve come across thus far.

I know it’s shaded but if you look hard you can see little legs in the opening. My nephew picked this up because I collect seashells. Then he says “there are legs moving in there!” and he quickly handed it to me. Hahaha, thanks for handing me the creepy crawly shell you’re afraid of! I loved it though.

I love the different colors of the sky as it goes from day to night. On our way home the sky was lighting up with orange shades, it sometimes looked like fire but not in a scary way lol.


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  1. May 2, 2009 / 3:42 PM

    Now I wanna go to Florida 🙁