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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well my darlings, I am officially over my mobile service contract malarkey. I love my cell phone and the service I’ve received but contracts with my service provider are so ridiculous! I want to be able to switch plans or phones without extending my contract or having to pay full price of $500 for a phone. To get out of my contract I would  have to wait until it ends and purchase any new device I want from that point on at full price which is easily $500 or more. Or I could simply cancel…and be charged a $350 ETF (Early Termination Fee). Yea, that sounds splendid! So my solution is to find a prepaid service that offers what I need with no contract…ever!

Net10 offers some pretty attractive plans. If I did not require a ginormous amount of airtime I would go with their Easy Minutes plan for just $15 for 200 minutes! Paying just $15 for phone service would be like 80 pounds of weight lifted off my shoulder. But I need more airtime than that because I simply don’t know how to hush my talk box. So in reasearching, I would definitely want Net10’s Unlimited plan that includes unlimited talk, text and data for $50 per month. Seriously? The unlimited plan with my current provider is $89.99 before taxes not even including data, total my monthly bill comes to about $120 before taxes. So with Net10 I’d save at least $70 per month, which is…$840 per year. I think I just found another reason to get out of the contract world! My contract is craptastic, I felt just like the woman in this see the Light video. I also checked out the video of a real NET10 customer while I was on YouTube.

Net10 offers phones from manufacturers like LG, Motorola and Samsung with simple talk & text phones starting under $15, feature phones starting under $40 and touch screens starting under $60. You get nationwide coverage, no contract, no extra fees and can switch plans anytime you want…all with no credit check. Did I mention that I use a business number and a personal number? So I could get 2 phone lines from Net10 for the price of 1 phone line from my current provider. I also found that Net10 has Twitter and Facebook page so I will check those out as part of my search for a new phone provider. Although I haven’t made the switch yet, I will definitely keep Net10 on my list as I compare my options. I am beyond ready to say goodbye to contracts!

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