Lindley Mayer’s Open Hearts Story – Lindley’s Alliance for Disabled Youth

Open Hearts - Lindley Mayer's L.A.D.Y. Bugs Across America

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If you haven’t heard of Lindley Mayer and her L.A.D.Y Bugs Across America foundation, you need to! It stands for Lindley’s Alliance for Disabled Youth. Lindley was recently featured in the Open Heart Campaign by Jane Seymour for Kay Jewelers. Her younger siblings were born with kidney disease and Lindley was devastated seeing them be bullied about their special needs. Lindley made the brave decision to stand up for them and other children! Listen to Lindley Mayer’s Open Hearts story, I hope it touches you as it has me.

How beautiful is her compassionate heart?! Will you be joining in to help support Lindley Mayer on her mission and be a voice for children with disabilities? I will! We can help Lindley’s Alliance by taking the pledge, donating or nominating a student. Even sharing Lindley Mayer’s story helps! For more information see the Lindley’s Alliance website.


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  1. Liz R
    March 20, 2015 / 8:45 PM

    This is awesome. I have a passion for children with disabilities as well! Great to see movements like this. 🙂