All About Keratin | What It Is & Why It’s In My Hair

Mina Slater uses nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin for her hair

Keratin is a super strong protein that is naturally a component in our hair, skin, nails and even teeth. It’s made of a combination of amino acids and  keratinocytes which are living cells. Those cells slowly make their way outward and after dying they form a protective layer. Every day tons are shed and medical conditions, in my case Lupus, can speed that process up. Meaning the protective layer doesn’t last as long. Damage or shedding of that outer layer can cause skin and hair to become unhealthy or flaky…and it shows! That’s partly where dry, brittle and even frizzy hair comes in to play. In theory the thicker the layer of keratin, the healthier the hair will be since the living cells inside are protected by the dead cells on the outside.

Mina Slater uses nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin for her hair
Head to toe health is important to me…and that includes my hair!

Why Keratin Is In My Hair Care

Simply put, keratin is in my hair care because it’s naturally in my hair! Just like with our bodies, we sometimes need to replenish natural sources of nutrients, etc. So it only makes sense that the same goes for hair! By using good products that include keratin, we help maintain the naturally strong, healthy, shiny state of our hair. Or in some cases repair and restore great hair that once was or could have been! Treatments like nuNAAT Ultra Keratin Touch smooth and protect the hair shaft by coating hair follicles, making hair look and feel healthier and less dull. nuNAAT UKT is formaldehyde free, which is what sold me on even trying it in the first place. nuNAAT uses their own exclusive Green Keratin formula that is made of corn, wheat and soybean proteins. Unlike animal based keratin, Green Keratin is more resistant to rinsing so it stays on hair longer.

nuNAAT Ultra Keratin Touch
nuNAAT Ultra Keratin Touch

You know moisturizing skin helps maintain healthier skin right? Same for hair darling! Being that the outer layer dies off, you’ve got to quench that thirst by keeping hair moisturized. That keeps it healthy and helps prevent breakage and splitting. Which is why I use NAAT Brazilian Keratin collection by nuNAAT to maintain my healthy hair. Especially NAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask and NAAT Brazilian Keratin Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor both which also contain nuNAAT’s exclusive Green Keratin formula. Those are my holy grail hair products, especially living in Florida which is beautiful but not so nice to skin or hair!

nuNAAT NAAT Brazilian Keratin Hair Care Collection
nuNAAT NAAT Brazilian Keratin Hair Care Collection

Since keratin is a source that’s naturally formed, it’s an important factor for everyone, even if you already think you have healthy hair! An extra dose of keratin gives your hair a rest from all that work and helps make it more resilient. I’m really enjoying less breakage, more shine and most important…healthy hair! Do you infuse keratin into your hair care routine?

Mina Slater uses nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin for her hair
I love my strong, healthy, shiny hair. I really feel the extra boost from the Green Keratin in nuNAAT products have helped in the last several months!

Feed Your Hair Keratin With nuNAAT



  1. krystlekouture
    April 15, 2013 / 9:10 AM

    Your hair looks amazing! My hair can be SO frizzy, I'll have to consider this.

  2. CinnyBbsw
    April 15, 2013 / 1:43 PM

    Love the hair! I should try some of this!

  3. April 15, 2013 / 1:47 PM

    Lovely post and I enjoyed reading and think I'd love to try this NAAT Keratin product.

  4. pyrodamsel
    April 15, 2013 / 2:11 PM

    Keratin is a must, and the nuNAAT products are amazing for adding that extra revitalization.

  5. Sandy a la Mode
    April 15, 2013 / 7:05 PM

    i totally need to try some of this!! your hair looks amazing!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. elenka29
    April 15, 2013 / 9:44 PM

    love the hait and intruiged by the product

  7. K Squared Glamour
    April 16, 2013 / 2:02 AM

    i have never tried this brand but I know how amazing Keratin is for your hair! I will have to try this brand out now 🙂

  8. SunandSipCups
    April 16, 2013 / 9:54 AM

    Your hair is so shiny and pretty – totally sold me just by seeing how gorgeous it is 🙂

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