Keeping Jewelry Safe During Holiday Travel

Keeping Jewelry Safe During Travel

The last few months of the year are some of the busiest for travel and soon many of us will be venturing off for holiday travel. We plan, we pack and we wander but something often forgotten is protecting our valuables. Raise your hand if you jewelry has ever gone missing or gotten damaged during an otherwise awesome trip! I’ve broken a watch and lost a ring before during vacations. I’ve learned the hard way so now I’m sharing a few tips to help prevent unfortunate things from happening and how to protect your jewelry in case something occurs.

Know The Current Value Of Your Jewelry

Knowing the current value of your jewelry is important because your treasured pieces can be insured for its full current value! Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has been exclusively insuring jewelry for more than 100 years. They offer repair or replacement coverage that includes worldwide travel protection for all types of jewelry and watches. Coverage includes loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance (unexplained loss). You’ll want to know the current value of your jewelry to get it insured before your trip so if you recently purchased pieces, keep those receipts handy! If you are traveling with older jewelry you should get an appraisal.

Keeping Jewelry Safe During Travel

Packing And Storing Your Jewelry

So you’re insured now, wonderful. Hold on hot foot! The next steps of jewelry safety begins before you even leave your home to begin your adventure. Take photos of your jewelry or make a detailed list so you know exactly what pieces you brought. I like pictures better because it helps show proof of ownership if your lost pieces are found. If you’re not going to wear your jewelry to the airport you should definitely pack it in your carry on luggage. I like to put my jewelry in a small carrying case which I put inside my carry on bag. It’s also small enough to easily store in most safes. If you can’t find one, jewelry bags are a great alternative. Do not put your jewelry in your checked luggage which could end up lost or tampered with as so many people have access to it. From the moment your bags are checked to the time you arrive at baggage claim you have no control over the safety of your items.

When you arrive at your hotel, if you utilize the bell hop services keep your carry on bag with you and only request that they transport the rest of your luggage. Once in your room and you begin unpacking, setup the in-room safe. Store your jewelry in the safe when you are not wearing it. Leaving your valuables in your luggage or lying around the room is not a very good idea.


Wearing Your Jewelry

There is no sure way to keep your jewelry safe while wearing it but you brought it on your trip for a reason, right? Depending on your destination, some places may be a bit more vulnerable to jewelry theft than other. First ask yourself if the time and place is right for your pieces. Must you wear pearls while hiking, shopping busy markets or volunteering? While out wandering, consider turning your wedding ring around so it looks like a simple band instead of a gorgeous rock that screams “I’m worth thousands of dollars!” and catches extra attention. I mainly travel with jewelry to wear to dinners and events so while I’m in transit I will usually turn rings around and tuck pendants inside my shirt if possible. Also be careful wearing your jewels to the beach as it is quite easy to lose pieces in the sand or water. Good luck finding a missing earring at the beach, been there and done that! If I am simply out exploring or shopping I tend not to wear jewelry (at least not pricey pieces) as I’m there to see and discover, not to be seen.

No matter how careful we are with our jewelry when traveling, accidents can and often do happen. That’s why there’s jewelry insurance. It is better to be safe than sorry. Get your jewelry insured and enjoy your holiday travels! If you happen to pick up new jewelry during your travels, you can add it to your existing Jewelers Mutual policy so they are just as safe as your other treasures!


Have you ever lost or damaged any jewelry during a trip? Do you insure your jewelry?

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