Keeping A Healthy Mind and Body When Busy

Keeping A Healthy Mind and Body When Busy

This post was sponsored by Reebok as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

We live in the era of extremely busy life folks. Sometimes too busy! I’ve finally come to the reality that with a household of 5 keeping a healthy mind and body is vital but can be difficult. I love going to fun places such as parks, beaches and restaurants but that is not always possible. I would love to have quiet time to meditate and reflect…or just sleep without anyone knocking at my door. I would love to eat all the food group properly. That is not my reality so I’ve had to find other ways to get the physical exercise and mental peace I need. Here are three things I do to keep a healthy mind and body when time or my much loved family do not want to cooperate.

Read At The Beach…But Not Really

With 5 people in my house, 4 of them being born loud speakers, it can be a mission to read in peace. Seriously I can barely even hear my television over them when I’m closed in my room. However I must read! Reading is one of my ultimate must do activities. I love movies and being outdoors but sometimes there is nothing like a good book! Two majorly peaceful things to me are the sound of ocean waves and reading. While I dream of owning a beachfront property, right now I have to improvise. The way that I can read in peace is to go to my room, grab a book, my phone and earbuds. The earbuds help drown out the sound of my noisy family. I play ocean sounds through an app on my phone so I can somewhat feel like I am reading at the beach. The only thing I haven’t solved yet is my door being knocked on every 11 minutes. 😉


Exercise Without Gym Membership

I have no need for a treadmill. One of my favorite things to do is go walking at parks. Here in Florida it can get too hot for that sometimes or randomly rain for 20 minutes. Whether I’m super busy or too hot I have to get my walking in. I have knee and ankle issues so my doctor insists on it. I find that taking my normal activities up a notch is a great way to still get physical activity done no matter what the circumstances. The grocery store is my top solution. If you’re anything like me, you end up there a few times a week because you forgot things or need to replenish. My local grocer plays nice music and I don’t have to worry about the weather. Walk every isle whether you need something or not and if you have time do this multiple times before heading to the checkout. As you fill your cart, you’re working your arms more and more because of the weight. If you are shopping for a lot, grab a basket instead, alternating which hand you use to carry it and your arms will get an even better workout. I seriously throw on my walking shoes and use the grocery store as my gym.

Reebok CloudRide DMX

Having a great pair of walking shoes is extremely important. You need the right support and comfort for walking, especially if you walk long distances or need to be on your feet a long time. I’m obsessed with my Reebok CloudRide DMX shoes, I wear them nearly every day. I almost feel like it’s what it would feel like if I were walking on marshmallows. Super soft! These walking shoes are so lightweight with a flexible sole of encapsulated air that provides long-lasting comfort. Most shoes use foam so the air in the sole is pretty unique and I find it way more comfortable.

Reebok CloudRide DMX

The Reebok CloudRide DMX has that patented, moving air technology found in other Reebok “DMX” products so if you’ve previously had any you know these are awesome. In Florida, almost everything is long distance and our parks are huge! There is no way I would walk so much in the grocery store or at parks without a good walking shoe. I also work at and attend a lot of conventions. Tradeshow life is no joke and your feet will yell at you if you don’t have the right shoes! The Reebok CloudRide DMX is available at select Famous Footwear stores and online at They are available in black and white and run true to size. I plan on buying these in white so I’ll have both colors! By the way, Reebok CloudRide DMX comes with a money back guarantee. It’s simple, cloud-like comfort or your money back! If not 100% satisfied, you can return the shoes via within 30 days.

Drink All The Veggies

I’m not a big fan of most veggies and the ones I do like have to be raw or prepared a certain way. The veggies I do not like seem to be the ones that are said to be the best for you! Drinking them is the way to get around that by disguising the taste with things you do like. Blending up a mixture of yucky things you don’t like mixed with yummy fruits and veggies you do like is magical! This is the only way I am able to get the vegetable servings I need quickly and without suffering the taste!

Green Smoothie

So what are some ways you keep your sanity and health on track while living a busy life?