Julep Maven January 2012 | Bombshell

Julep Maven January 2012 | Bombshell

January has been crazy busy so I’m a bit late posting this month’s Julep Maven Box. I didn’t love my It Girl selection this month so I opted for the “Try Another Box” option and chose Bombshell. The January It Girl maven box was in popular demand as it was sold out but it just wasn’t what I wanted, so ditching that box made someone else very happy to get a chance to snag it!

Julep Maven Bomshell – January 2012

Anywho, the contents of the January 2012 Bombshell box from Julep Maven are:

  • Carrie – Cotton candy pink
  • Megan – Shimmery aquamarine
  • Julep Pomegranate Body Scrub (4oz)
  • Nail polish remover pad (1)
  • Bonus:  Demi – Burgundy, wine
Julep Left-Right: Megan, Carrie, Pomegranate Body Scrub, Demi & Nail Polish Remover Pad

Retail Julep total: $60 , Price via Julep Maven Program: $19.99 (I do not know the price of the remover pads)

I chose the Bombshell box because I actually have no pink polish and I like the look of Megan, it reminds me of the blueish-green water in Turkey. I also love body scrubs and wanted to try it. The first Maven box members were able to select a bonus item and I chose Demi because I also have no burgundy polish. I was asked about the polish chipping and honestly I couldn’t say much about it at this point being that I use a long-wear topcoat that prevents my polish from chipping for several days. I will try these without my favorite topcoat and write up a post about how long the polish lasts on it’s own. Of course I will include these nail polish colors in NOTD posts in the near future. FYI, I skipped the February Julep Maven box so there will not be a post next month. Hopefully there will be a March box post though!

Julep Maven is a monthly subscription program in which you receive new Sneak Peek Box of Julep products. Each month you’ll receive an email letting you know your box is ready and a preview of what it includes. You’ll then have until the 25th of the month to request a different box, send your box to a friend or skip the month for no charge. If you want the box chosen for you, you’ll be charged $19.99 and the box will be shipped to you.

Julep Maven often gives the opportunity to try the first box at a deep discount, sometimes just 1 cent! I think the program is worth enrolling in simply because you can try it out cheap, there is no obligation to buy since you skip months without being charged and if you do purchase you get over $40 worth of Julep products for $19.99 which is a good saving. Of course everyone has their own preferences so check out Julep.com and decide for yourself.



  1. LynnDanielleTre
    February 1, 2012 / 9:15 PM

    Nice colors! I didn't choose colors this time, but I liked my selection this month! Please review the scrub and tell me how you like it.