Julep Maven It Girl – July 2012

Julep Maven July 2012 It Girl Nail Polish Box

My Julep Maven It Girl Box for July was delivered Saturday but I did not have time to swatch, take photos and share with you darlings. I did not to switch boxes and again stuck with my usual It Girl selection. This is mainly because I specifically wanted two of shades included in the box. This month, Julep went with Independence Day themed boxes.

Julep Maven July 2012 Box
Julep Maven July 2012 Box

The contents of the Julep Maven It Girl – July 2012 box are:

  • Kate – Soft white pearl
  • Mila – Charcoal multi-color glitter
  • Daphne – Seafoam green creme
  • America – Red and royal blue glitter with sterling silver stars
  • Bonus: Atomic Fire Ball candies (those red hot, fire in your mouth candies)
Julep Maven July 2012 It Girl Nail Polish Box
Julep Maven July 2012 It Girl Nail Polish Box

Retail Julep total: $56 , Price via Julep Maven Program: $19.99

There were two bottles of nail polish that I saw in this month’s  Julep Maven It Girl box preview that I really wanted and ultimately formed my decision not to switch boxes. They are Daphne and Mila because I have nothing like Daphne and I wanted more glitter polish. Another box looked cute but only had one color I wanted and don’t already have a possible dupe for. A royal blue color would have completed the 4th of July theme perfectly for this box, but I usually prefer to avoid cliche choices and honestly wouldn’t have been as antsy while awaiting my box. Red, white and blue would be typical. Now on to the swatches!

Julep Maven Kate Nail Polish
Julep Maven | Kate Nail Polish

I was underwhelmed with Kate on the Julep Maven It Girl preview page online. I thought, another white nail polish, woop-dee-doo…been there, done that, already have one I love. However, seeing it in person changed my mind! It really does have a pearl look to it. I made a complete mess while applying because I was being lil miss rushy pants and literally tried plopping it on way too thick. Tisk, tisk. I started over and properly applied two coats so my nails didn’t look like a completely hot mess and I could snap photos for this post. I tried to capture Kate in different lighting so hopefully you can see the sparkly pearl effect. I think Kate would be great for french mani’s or nail art as well as cuteness on my feety toes. And yes, I said feety toes…don’t flippin judge me! 🙂

Julep Maven Daphne Nail Polish
Julep Maven | Daphne Nail Polish

Daphne is one of the colors I really wanted! However, the preview from Julep was a much lighter, brighter seafoam…similar to the pastel green you’d find on many baby clothes. I have no other color like this so I still love it even though it’s not at all what I expected. I’d still highly appreciate getting the shade pictured by Julep as expected by myself  and probably many others who got the Julep Maven It Girl box. But enough of what I should’ve gotten and on to what I did get. This is actually my favorite nail polish from the box! The formula is wonderfully smooth and the color shines without a top coat. In the photo above, I used two coats of Daphne and photographed before applying a top coat so you can see the natural shine I mentioned.

Julep Maven Mila and Daphne Nail Polish
Julep Maven | Mila and Daphne Nail Polish

Mila is another Julep Maven It Girl polish I was excited to get. I love glitter nail polish but just on one or two nails, on tips or for nail art. This glitter polish was easy to use and a cinch to remove, no fuss at all. Pictured above is Mila and Daphne, below is Mila and Kate. For the Mila + Kate swatches I used 1 thin coat of Mila on my ring finger and a thick coat of Mila on my pinky to show variety. I prefer the thin coat though. 🙂

Julep Maven Mila and Kate Nail Polish
Julep Maven | Mila and Kate Nail Polish

So all Julep Maven boxes got an extra polish this month for free which Julep Maven It Girl boxes means four nail polish bottles instead of three, score! United States mavens received America (aka America The Beautiful) and Canadian mavens received O Canada, a sheer glitter with cardinal red accents. America can be used alone or layered over another color so I like that. Getting one of the sterling silver stars is luck of the draw but I guess I drew well since I was able to get stars on the two fingers I wanted them on. I’m totally ready for the 4th of July! Pictured below is America over just a clear base coat.

Julep Maven America The Beautiful Nail Polish
Julep Maven | America The Beautiful Nail Polish

Julep Maven is a monthly subscription program in which you receive new Sneak Peek Box of Julep products. Each month you’ll receive an email letting you know your box is ready and a preview of what it includes. You’ll then have until the 25th of the month to request a different box, send your box to a friend or skip the month for no charge. If you want the box chosen for you, you’ll be charged $19.99 and the box will be shipped to you.

Julep Maven often gives the opportunity to try the first box at a deep discount, sometimes just 1 cent! Entering the promotion code “PennyIntro” or “Color2012” at checkout may work so give that a shot if you decide to try Julep. I think the program is worth enrolling in simply because you can try it out cheap, there is no obligation to buy since you skip months without being charged and if you do purchase you get over $40 worth of Julep products for $19.99 which is a good saving. Of course everyone has their own preferences so check out Julep.com and decide for yourself.



  1. Theresa Sadler
    July 3, 2012 / 4:33 PM

    Very cool!

  2. makeupbylaurag
    July 3, 2012 / 8:29 PM

    Pretty.  You almost make me wish I woulda gotten It Girl instead of American Beauty 😛

  3. KimberlyisHere
    July 4, 2012 / 9:19 AM

    It's interesting to see Julep having glitters.