Julep Maven April 2013 It Girl | Abbie, Eden, Mackenzie Swatches

Julep Maven April 2013 It Girl box

Julep Maven whipped up some gorgeously intense, bright nail polish for the April 2013 Bring On The Brights Collection. Right on time for Spring and Summer fun in the sun! Here are swatches for It Girl!

Julep Maven April 2013 – It Girl

  • Abbie – Sunny yellow creme
  • Eden – Bright violet creme
  • Mackenzie – Sour apple green frost
Julep Maven April 2013 It Girl box
Julep Maven April 2013 It Girl box

Julep Abbie Swatch

Abbie is a sunny bright yellow creme that favors Tweety Bird! One layer was way too sheer so I ended up using two coats to enjoy the full yellow perfection. This nail polish applies beautifully, dries quickly and shines without a top coat. I’ll go ahead and admit I messed up painting my index finger and was just to lazy to clean it up. Err well. Gosh I love yellow nail polish, there is no way to be in a craptastic mood looking at a cheery color like Abbie!

Julep Nail Polish Abbie Swatches, yellow
Julep Nail Polish Abbie swatches, yellow

Julep Eden Swatch

Eden, as beautiful as it is, tried to give me troubles.  Application wasn’t messy but it wasn’t exactly smooth either. I tried using thin coats and the polish seemed to dry too quickly and clump. Then I tried thicker coats which worked better but required some cleanup. Using thicker coats also means this nail polish will run out much faster than others I have. I do love the color though! For some reason this nail polish was tough to photograph. In the photos it looks more blue but in person it looks more purple, similar to my swatch of Bettina Believe. Perhaps if I snap a shot outside in direct sunlight in the morning. I’ll try it and update with a new swatch if that works! Eden is slightly matte on its own, so a top coat is a must for a glossy finish. I prefer using Julep Rock Candy Nail Glaze with Eden, gorgeous finish!

Julep Nail Polish Eden with Rock Candy Nail Glaze Swatch, purple
Julep Nail Polish Eden with Rock Candy Nail Glaze Swatch, purple

Julep Mackenzie Swatch

Mackenzie is a nice, bright surprise! I seriously did not think I would like this one…and I don’t. I love it! It’s such a funky, good time type of color. This sour apple green nail polish is pretty flippin sweet! It reminds me of a Jolly Ranchers candy. The shimmer is gorgeously subtle. Mackenzie applies super smooth and I had no clean up afterwards. A top coat wasn’t necessary but I did use one and it just boosted the shine this beauty already had. I think Mackenzie is my fave from the Julep Maven It Girl box!

Julep Nail Polish Mackenzie Swatches, green
Julep Nail Polish Mackenzie Swatches, green (left: no flash; right: flash)

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Mina Wants To Know: What do you think of bright nail polish…fabulous awesomeness or too bold for you? Would you sport any of these colors?

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