Julep Maven April 2013 Bombshell | Ally, Janel Swatches Plus Nail Art

Dotting Nail Art with Julep Ally & Janel

Julep gave Bombshell mavens nail care and frosty nail polish in their April 2013 boxes. I’ve got swatches and oh are they pretty! I must say, Julep did a great job this month with the nail polish boxes full of fabulous awesomeness. These are part of the Turn On The Brights collection. Mosey on down to the swatches darling…

Julep Maven April 2013 Bombshell

  • Ally – Electric blueberry frost
  • Janel – Pink raspberry frost
  • Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum
Julep Maven April 2013 Bombshell Box
Julep Maven April 2013 Bombshell Box

Julep Ally Swatch

Holy high voltage Batman, that’s a lot of electric! Ally is a fan-friggin-tastic vibrant blue! Oh how it shimmers and the color simply mesmerizes me. I could have gotten away with just one coat of nail polish but I used two. Application was nice and smooth and I didn’t use a top coat for this swatch. I’m having a hard time deciding between Ally and Mackenzie as my new unexpected “love it” nail polish color. I love this color so much I have the urge to run around town forcing it on random human nails! Yea, it’s that serious. Kudos Julep, kudos indeed!

Julep Nail Polish Ally Swatches, blue
Julep Nail Polish – Ally swatches, blue. (left: no flash; right: flash)

Julep Janel Swatch

Janel is a fabulous beauty that only needs one coat! Yup, one coat of this nail polish was enough gorgeousness. Oh and this darling shines along with lovely specks of gold shimmer. It applied like a dream and no clean up was needed, great formula! No top coat used for this swatch!

Julep Nail Polish Janel Swatches, pink
Julep Nail Polish Janel swatches, pink (left: no flash; right: flash)

A bit of quick polka dot nail art using Ally and Janel. In case you didn’t know, while I love plaid, I also have a thing for polka dots. Dotting is easy, quick and fun!

Dotting Nail Art with Julep Ally & Janel
Dotting Nail Art with Julep Ally & Janel

Julep Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum

4 out of the 5 Julep Maven profiles received Julep Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum in their April boxes. You can read my review of this in my Julep Maven April 2013 Modern Beauty Review post. For more Julep Maven April 2013 nail polish swatches, check out my posts for It Girl, Boho Glam and Classic With A Twist.

Mina Wants To Know: Which of these do you think you would try? If I ran up to you wanting to paint your nails, would you let me? 😉

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