Julep Favorite Things 2012 Nail Color Jewelry Box GiveAway

Julep Favorite Things 2012 Nail Color Jewelry Box - Oprah

Check it out darlings, Julep is giving away a Julep Favorite Things 2012 Nail Color Jewelry Box! It made Oprah’s Favorite Things list and the colors were chosen by Oprah Winfrey herself! How flippin cool is that? Gosh I love Oprah! First I can hardly hold in the excitement of Oprah hand selecting polish that most of us use. Oprah, if by some miracle you’re ever searching Google for beauty blogs and it leads you here…I’m a Julep Maven and I love you…more than pie! Anywho, before you darlings start giving me the side eye, check out this info and then hop skip on down to to enter the giveaway. Yup, you can enter on the Julep blog or simply scroll to the bottom of this page to enter! 🙂

Oprah's Favorite Things 2012

[quoteicon author=”From Julep”]Nothing says the holiday season like “Oprah’s Favorite Things.”  Oprah Winfrey’s famed list is featured in the current issue of O, The Oprah Magazine as well as a 2-hour television special on OWN on November 18, and Seattle-based Julep is one of very few beauty brands featured!  After a special delivery of custom-made Korean heirloom boxes, hundreds of stunning colors to choose from, and months of intense yet exciting deliberation, 12 gorgeous toxin-free nail polish shades were hand-selected by Oprah herself.

Julep is a company of women serving women – the brand’s culture, spirit and mission is truly unique and dear to Jane Park, Julep Founder and CEO.  Every day the brand works to inspire others by bringing together the endearing qualities and passion of girlfriends everywhere.  Being chosen for Oprah’s Favorite things is like being given approval from the ultimate girlfriend and role model – someone who has always inspired Jane – Oprah herself!

“The past few months have been an exciting and nerve-wracking as we prepared for this opportunity.  We didn’t really know what to expect,” commented Jane. “We placed a significant order of these specialty sets with the chance we would be selected and featured when the issue hit stands this month.  In the past few days since the Favorite Things list came out, we’ve experienced skyrocketing sales and had to buttress our website in response – our development team lovingly calls it ‘Oprahfication.’  This could be a defining pivot point for us as a growing business.”[/quoteicon]

Julep Favorite Things 2012 Nail Color Jewelry Box Info

Julep Favorite Things 2012 Nail Color Jewelry Box - Oprah

The Julep Favorite Things 2012 Nail Color Jewelry Box comes in a limited-edition, white lacquer box and it’s loaded with 12 gorgeous nail polish shades. The Favorite Things 2012 Nail Color Jewelry Box includes the following Julep polishes:
  • Rose – Juicy watermelon red crème
  • Lauren – Hot tropical pink crème
  • Carrie – Classic, cotton candy pink crème
  • Maria – Rose pink frost
  • Gloria – Modern coral crème
  • Maya – Delicate pink seashell
  • Lynn – Nude blush pearl
  • Audrey – Light pink micro-shimmer
  • Morgan – Frosty grape purple
  • Charlotte – Demure lavender crème
  • Amy – Smoky, turquoise crème
  • Susie – Muted mint green crème

Exclusively for O (The Oprah Magazine) these 12 nail polishes are originally priced at $168! But you can grab them now for $84 using code OPRAH on julep.com/oprah. By the way if you missed the premiere of Oprah’s Favorite Things on OWN, it’s scheduled to air again on November 23rd, December 13th and December 23rd! 🙂

Enter To Win Julep Favorite Things 2012 Nail Color Jewelry Box

Entering to win this gorgeousness is super easy y’all! Just enter via the Rafflecopter form below, there are only 3 quick steps listed on the form! Woot! Also be sure to put on the form that you entered the giveaway here on MinaSlater.com because if you win, I can get one too for being the blog that referred you. Score! Give it a moment to load and refresh if it doesn’t. The giveaway will end on December 3, 2012. Good luck darlings!
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