Inspired And Empowered By My Family #JourneyOfYou


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I am so excited to join MassMutual in celebrating Black History Month by sharing my own #JourneyOfYou story of how my family’s history led me to become the person I am today and empowered me to create a legacy for tomorrow.

My grandmother enrolled in college at age 40.


My grandparents were two amazing people I admired tremendously. Both from Ohio, both growing up during a series of legendary moments in African American history. They were around when Jackie Robinson got signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers, when the U.S. armed forces were first integrated and Rosa Parks sat in the front of the bus. They raised their children during a time when schools were being integrated and when Martin Luther King gave his I Have A Dream speech. After moving to Massachusetts they both worked hard, my grandfather at HP Hood for 26 years and my grandmother as a caregiver for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Mom & I on Mother’s Day.


My mother started working in car sales in the biggest lot in the city after my brother and I finished school. Now she is heavily involved in ministry at her church and does community outreach. She is thinking of attending college for the first time! At the ago of 40 my grandmother enrolled in college to show us that education is important and that we could earn a degree just as she did even if later in life. That degree she earned was clearly a huge inspiration to my mother. My grandmother later started banking and teaching us about finances, investing and insurance. She was intent on empowering us to be diligent in Building a Financial Legacy. MassMutual is a name that has been familiar to and trusted by my family for as long as I can remember. A company known for helping people protect who matters most in their life…family. I learned much of my financial responsibility from my grandmother, she always said “You’ve got to secure and protect yourself and always save at least a little something for a rainy day baby!”.

It is because of the advice and lessons taught by my grandparents and parents that I strive to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. That I remember to be thankful, to give 100% effort, to be humble. That I not be afraid to aim high and that’s it’s not too late to reach goals. That I be wise and plan for the future of my family and I. My family’s history and strength taught me to persevere, to believe in myself and to be positive during hard times. These are the values I pass on to SJ and hope he will pass on to the next generation.

Join me and MassMutual in celebrating Black History Month this February. Follow along and share your own story in the comments section or on Facebook and Twitter with MassMutual using the #JourneyOfYou hashtag.

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