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SmileDirectClub Impressions Kit

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SmileDirectClub. All opinions are 100% mine.

Once upon a time, I was a teenager with braces. My parents paid a lot of money to fix my bite and align my pearly whites. The treatment worked but I was never given a retainer nor told that I needed one after my braces came off. Fast forward to today and a few of my teeth have shifted and I find myself wanting to remedy this. Fast! The hold up?

  1. I travel a lot.
  2. Traditional braces and aligners require dental office visits every few weeks
  3. I do not want to pay nearly $5,000 to regain the smile my parents already paid for
  4. Extra co-pays, potentially maxing out my dental insurance

If you’re in a similar situation, no worries just yet because I found out there could totally be a solution. You might be able to improve your smile at home with SmileDirectClub! I’ve got some details and a coupon code for you below.

SmileDirectClub - Invisible Aligners at home


I first heard about this from my good friend Maria who is almost finished with her treatment. SmileDirectClub helps avoid extra office visits and reduce costs by up to 70% with invisible aligners done at home. Licensed orthodontists and dentists, who SmileDirectClub have partnered with, will assess your smile remotely and then prescribe your treatment. The aligners are custom made with BPA-free plastic and the treatment generally lasts 3-10 months. SmileDirectClub is best suited for mild to moderate alignment for ages 12 and up.

How SmileDirectClub Works

The aligners are worn every day but you take them out to brush and floss your teeth, eat and drink beverages other than water. Every so often you will switch to a new set of aligners as directed in your treatment plan to gradually move your teeth into place. You’ll also submit photos throughout the treatment so your progress can be monitored. Afterward you’ll get your retainer to help maintain your new improved smile. I finished my evaluation, sent in my dental impressions and found out I qualify and am now simply waiting for my aligners to be custom made. Here is how it works.

SmileDirectClub photo assessment

  1. Get your free smile assessment. Just follow the simple instructions you’ll receive to submit photos of your current smile online. This step took me less than 10 minutes and I used a simple point and shoot camera in a well lit room.
  2. Order your $95 risk-free evaluation kit to determine if your qualify for SmileDirectClub. If you do not qualify, your money will be returned to you. (Use code MINASMILES to get 50% off!)
  3. Make dental impressions using the kit you receive in the mail. There are instructions and examples images to help guide you. You’ll return these with a pre-paid return shipping label using the box provided to you. You can schedule a free package pick-up so you won’t have to leave your home.
  4. Get your evaluation results. If you qualify, you’ll move on to getting your treatment details, payment options and custom aligners. Remember, If you do not qualify for the treatment you will be refunded the cost of your evaluation kit.

SmileDirectClub Impressions Kit

There are two payment options for SmileDirectClub. You can either make a single payment of $1,500 or opt for the payment plan which is $250 down + $99/month for 15 months. The total cost will come to $1,735 if you use the payment plan. Either way it is much less than other treatment options, especially when you add in the multiple office visit costs. The lower cost of SmileDirectClub is a large part of why I chose this treatment plan but another major reason is the convenience. I love being able to continue my path of travel and exploration without having to plan my life around yet another office visit appointment. You can get started with your free smile assessment today and don’t forget to use code discount MINASMILES for 50% off your evaluation kit!


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