I Told You Cooties Are Real!

Ever woke up with stomach pain so harsh you didn’t want to move? You lose your appetite completely. Your body constantly exports grossness I will not even describe.

Doctors say its a 24 hour bug. 24 hours pass…days pass and you’re getting worse. So bad you know something just is not right. It is really wrong, deathly wrong. When you feel its not right, force your doctor to listen & take action!

I began feeling that sickness on 9/19 and after antibiotics just started feeling better Monday, 10/5. I’m still exhausted & was very dehydrated so I’m still working to get better completely. What was wrong? Non medical speak, I ate or drank something contaminated which caused a parasitic infection in my stomach. Easy way to put it…cooties!

I know exactly what it was, I remember saying it tasted funny and not finishing it. But a taste was all it took. After doing some research I found that this is pretty common, especially with travelers. Will I stop traveling or dining out? Of course not.

My main reasons for this post was to explain my disappearance, tell you all to be a bit more cautious and mostly to say this…if ever you feel something is not right with your health see your doctor. If you feel they are not being thorough or listening, demand further testing. If all else fails go get a second opinion. I’d rather rack up medical bills than live with long term medical issues that could’ve been cured…or worst scenario, leaving friends & family to grieve.

Also to my ladies, its Breast Cancer Awareness month. Find out how you can support the cause right in your community. Sport your super cute pink fashion with pride. Learn important info like how to do your monthly self breast exam. Now go get those boobies checked!

P.S. Cooties are real! And people wonder why I’m a germaphobe…

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