36 Fab Holiday Party Dresses, Jumpsuits + Rompers

holiday party dresses

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It is for sure the most wonderful and busiest time of year full of holiday cheer, hot cocoa, and party dresses. The masses are shopping, meal plans are being prepped, parades are happening, and the holiday party invites are still rolling in! I recently received 4 more unexpected holiday party invites and had nothing to wear to them. With no time in my schedule to run around boutiques and malls, I scoured the internet for fabulous holiday party dresses.

I’m sure it is no surprise that within minutes I favorited several dresses. I ended up ridiculously saving 36 party dresses and decided to share them with my fellow party-goers. If you end up grabbing any of these I’d love to know so comment below, message me or tag me in a comment on your IG photos if you’d like! Also, don’t forget to pick up shoes, great body shapers, jewelry, belts and any other accessories you may need.

Colorful Holiday Party Dresses

My absolute favorite is colorful party dresses! Bright colors especially lift my spirits, get me in a festive mood and ready to have tons of fun.

Metallics & Sequin

I mean, would it really be a holiday party if no one wore metallic or sequin? What’s a countdown to the ball drop at midnight without some shine and sparkle?

Little Black Dresses

When in doubt, go classic. The little black dress will never ever in the history of everdom go out of style. Can’t decide what to wear? Little black dress. Want to be neither underdressed or overdressed? Little black dress. Without a doubt, the LBD is a chic party dress option that will always be perfection.

Alternatives: Rompers, Jumpsuits & Cozy Dresses

So just because you’re going to a holiday party doesn’t always mean you have to wear a dress. Also, some holiday parties are a bit on the chill side and don’t require fancy attire. Jumpsuits and rompers are great alternatives to dresses, and sweater dresses are a cozy option for more casual parties.