Easy Furniture Refresh With CORT Clearance Centers

White Dinette Set

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It has been 5-10 years since we bought new furniture for certain rooms and redecorating is well overdue. I’m surprised we held on to the same pieces for so long because I am that person that will refurnish every 2-3 years purely for aesthetic. We’ve had our living room set since moving to Orlando in 2006 and while it is still standing I am beyond over it and ready for an update. The bedrooms and my office were updated less than 6 months ago but my living room and kitchen need some major attention. Because I can be fickle I tend to search for discount furniture so I can save a pretty penny yet still get high quality furniture that is built to last in case I decide to hold onto pieces for more than a few years or pass them on to friends or family as usual. I recently headed into my local CORT Clearance Center in Winter Park, FL to take a look and prepare for our update because CORT furniture offerings are so affordable but certainly not cheap. CORT is nationwide with clearance centers from coast to coast so my mom remembered the store near our hometown in MA and was excited to find out we had one nearby in FL too.

Cort Clearance Center

The staff at CORT Clearance Center is so friendly and informative, answering my 8 billion questions and showing me pieces that really fit my style when I asked. Being able to browse around on my own yet still request assistance when needed is the perfect shopping experience to me. We knew right away that the prices and large selection of furniture fit our needs. In less than 5 minutes I decided this white dinette set was just what I was looking for since I’m currently in a light and bright kitchen mood and fell in love with upholstered chair design. I looked it over, sat in the chairs and snapped photos to add to my list. I always use my mobile phone to snap in-store photos of items I want so I’ll have a reference for later if I’m not purchasing that day. The photos are automatically sent to a folder on my PC at home for review so it doesn’t take away from my phone storage at all.

White Dinette Set

I also have my eye on the Briana table that comes with 4 chairs and a bench. This would be a great addition to my dining room area which is currently a bit too formal for our use. I love the bench and having that extra sitting space is great for my family of 5. We never eat in the kitchen dinette area together so 4 chairs is plenty but in the dining room we for sure need space for all of us.

Briana Table, Four Chairs and Bench Seat

I just finished my bedroom but the extra discounts included in the Instant Home to Go packages are so tempting. It’s such an easy way to furnish 3 rooms at one great price. You can pick certain pieces but it ends up being a better deal when you get the whole package. All of the pieces at CORT Clearance Center go through a rigorous quality check by CORT-trained professionals to ensure everything is clean, durable and looks great. I feel at ease purchasing knowing everything is CORT Certified, meaning that if not satisfied with the purchase it can returned within 14 days for a refund and if found to be defective within 90 days CORT guarantees to repair or replace it.

Instant Home To Go at CORT Furniture Clearance Center Instant Home To Go at CORT Furniture Clearance Center

For the living room I’m heavily leaning toward this Armand sofa, chair and ottoman which is actually more cool tone grey in person. I adore the design of the chair and throw pillows for that extra pop of style. We sat on the sofa and did not want to get up! I was originally looking for a white or cream set but I’ve got 3 somewhat messy boys in my household and I feel the color of the Armand pieces can survive their mishaps much better.

Armand sofa, chair and ottoman at CORT Furniture Clearance Center

CORT Clearance Center even sells office furniture and home decor such as artwork, rugs and more. I saw a desk I’d love to gift my mom and I couldn’t resist purchasing this fun, colorful piece for my office bookshelf. I change decor every few months so I told the staff they will probably see me in store frequently since they get new items in regularly.

Home decor at CORT Furniture Clearance Center Office desk at CORT Furniture Clearance Center

I can’t wait to finish my home makeover with new furniture and I’m so glad I went to CORT so I can get everything I want in one stop. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated to show you how the makeover is coming along. When you are looking for high quality furniture and decor at great prices you should definitely head to your your local clearance center and see all that CORT has to offer.

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