Where To Find Your Fall Style Inspiration

Mina Slater - Mustard Yellow Sweater

Hi, I’m Mina and I’m addicted to fashion. You probably already know that I’m a fashion lover. I live in Florida but cooler days are coming soon for most of you. Sometimes transitioning from one season to the next is a struggle and many people rely on bloggers to guide them through the process. The truth of the matter is we don’t always have the answers, sometimes we need inspiration too! So I’m going to share easy ways I source some of my must haves and hopefully it will help you find your fall style inspiration.

Mina Slater

Before getting started you might want to check out what to wear before summer ends so you can get a few last uses of those faves! A rule of thumb to remember about seeking style inspiration is to hold onto your own personal style and build on it or basically update/revamp it. Unless you’re totally going for a makeover. 😉  For instance, I have a thing for off shoulder sweaters and a literally do not care if they are on trend or not. I dig them and I’ll keep wearing them until I’m over it! When I’m looking for ways to style my off shoulder sweaters or find gorge new styles I first hit up Instagram! Seriously. A quick hashtag search leads to a bagillion glorious style packed photos that usually list exactly what is worn. I’ll admit I rarely use Polyvore or other fashion websites anymore because Instagram is just so easy.

Search Instagram for Style Inspiration

Of course Pinterest is a another big source of style inspiration…everything inspiration really! If you don’t have an account go set one up, search your style loving heart out and repin all the things you like! That makes it easy to go back when you’re ready to click the source links and get your shop on.

Next up is online stores. Mhmm. Most online clothing stores these days have full outfits curated to give you head to toe style inspiration that is current & available to buy on the website! These are usually in a designated area of the site but are typically listed in the main menu. It seriously makes things easy, sometimes too easy. I’ve actually loved the curated outfits enough to add every piece to my cart on several occasions. H&M gets me every time, be careful on that site y’all! 😉 Also don’t forget that trends are rarely new. Style is recycled many times over the years so don’t be afraid to pull out some goodies from the past! This fall I’m totally rocking my fave yellow sweater from seasons ago!

Mina Slater - Mustard Yellow Sweater

Another resource I’ve been using lately is Ebay buying guides. I don’t know what rock I’ve been under but I didn’t really notice these existed until a few months back. There are guides in so many friggin categories including style and beauty. You should check out the Essential Denim Looks For Fall if you want to see whats new in the world of denim or help work your denim like a diva. There are even more guides with plenty of style inspiration so browse around while your there!

What is on your fall style radar? Have additional places you get your style inspiration from? Sharing is caring! 😉



  1. Rachel Beltz
    December 8, 2015 / 10:45 PM

    I usually just get my inspiration from people watching 😉 I get most of my inspiration from the women around me!

  2. Tea Šainović
    December 9, 2015 / 7:22 AM

    I usually get my style inspiration from different fashion bloggers and regular women I see in the streets every day. 🙂