Healthy Habits: Feel Fresh, Be Confident #GetMoreFromYourWash

Gym & Swim

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vagisil for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Feeling fresh and clean is an important part of feeling confident and as a woman, the challenge is taken to a whole other level. Women can feel a lot of discomfort due to our bodies and physical activities. Obviously the major step to feeling fresh is to be clean from head to toe. We boast about body wash, shampoo, and face cleanser all the time but not today. My friends, today we’re talking about a wash for our intimate area. After all, the vaginal skin is the most sensitive of the female body.

Vagisil Intimate Wash

Majority of the readers here are female, and I’m pretty sure at least half of you are shy about discussing anything related to the vagina. It’s no secret that we have vaginas, so there is no reason to be embarrassed to talk about it with your mom, sister or girlfriend. Since the vagina is a part of the female body that needs special care, there is no reason not to wash there.  You may have seen my post 6 Easy Habits For Better Health, where I mention Vagisil pH Wash being my daily intimate wash of choice. My grandmother used it, my mother used it, so I automatically followed their lead. The few times I’ve used regular soap around intimate areas, it caused irritation and there is nothing confident or comfortable about that! Soap is too harsh for such a delicate area, which is why I use Vagisil ph Wash. It’s gentle, has a lovely light scent, and has never caused me irritations like soap has.

Gym & Swim

The vaginal skin has more sweat glands than your armpit. Yes, your armpit! Think about that for a minute. Bacteria attacks sweat, which causes odor and even irritation. The extra moisture that can get trapped in the vaginal area by tight clothing too long, such as wet swimsuits or work out clothes, can lead to the pH balance being thrown off and increases the risk of yeast infections and other irritations. So cleaning up after working out is always the first thing I do! Then warm weather comes along making us all ready to swim! Guess what? Chlorine causes dry skin. Salt water causes dry skin. And dry skin causes itching! So I specifically use Vagisil Sensitive Plus Moisture Balance wash after a trip to the beach or a dip in my pool because it counteracts all the dryness swimming can bring. I’m a Florida girl, so I swim a lot!

Vagisil pH Wash is the only wash with LactoPrebiotic and clinically proven to help maintain a healthy intimate pH. Recently my friend saw it and asked why I use intimate wash instead of just using soap. So I asked her why she did not doesn’t use bar soap on her face or hair. Different spots have different needs! If the soap isn’t gentle enough for my face or hair, why would I assume it’s the right product for my intimate area? It’s the same reason I use specific cleanser for my face based on skin type and shampoo for my hair. The intimate area has its own needs and this is what Vagisil is for ladies! Let’s all try to stop being afraid or shy about the subject of our most delicate area. Spark a conversation with your galpals. It’s an important topic and you’ll be surprised how much your girlfriends can relate. If the ladies from The Real can talk about intimate wash on national television, surely we can all talk about it with each other!

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