Face Under $10: Fresh Farmacy by Lush

Face Under $10: Fresh Farmacy by Lush

I am so hooked on products by Lush Cosmetics. They have an array of handmade skin care, hair care, perfume and more. My favorite skin care item for the face by Lush is Fresh Farmacy Cleanser, a bar cleanser that amazingly soothes and tones skin. It is made with calamine and chamomile making it extremely effective for calming blemishes. If you have had the chicken pox or rashes, you have probably experienced the calming effects of calamine and/or chamomile. Well because of those ingredients, this cleanser has the same fabulous effect for blemishes of the face.

Fresh Farmacy Cleanser also contains rose, tea tree and lavender oils which adds an antibacterial factor to the already great benefits. Another thing I love is that this product does not smell like chemicals or a medicine cabinet like most cleansers do. The 3.5 ounce bar lasts me 2-3 months depending on usage. You can order online but if you are new to Lush products and have a store near you, I highly recommend checking it out. The in-store experience is simply amazing and you will enjoy smelling and viewing the selection of goodies. Having Lush reps available to explain product usage, answer questions and make recommendations is an extremely useful advantage for newbies. Otherwise LushUSA.com is very helpful with photos, product descriptions and an ingredient dictionary called the Lushopedia…cute!

With so much variety to choose from it can be very tempting to try several Lush products. You’re bound to become a frequent customer so it is a great idea to get free gift cards and save so much of your money when you are shopping. When you go to order your favorite items you’ll feel awesome knowing you basically just shopped with free money. The more you save, the more goodies you can get by Lush!

Price: $9.75
My Rating:  10/10

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