Fabulous Fashionable 50’s Featuring Mama Cupcake

Mama Cupcake Fabulous Fashionable 50's Headshot

This is not about fashion from the 50’s…it’s about feeling fashionable in your 50’s! First I have to say how flippin ecstatic I am to feature such a beautiful woman on my blog. It’s so fitting, it is Fabulous Awesomeness after all. Can you believe this gorgeous, green eyed woman is in her 50’s? Well she is! To top that, she’s only wearing mascara and lip gloss! Say osiyo (hello) to my Mama Cupcake!

Mama Cupcake Fashion 50 HeadshotI’ve been waiting to get my mother in front of my camera lens for some photo shoot fun for such a long time! Back in November, I finally got the chance on her birthday. Mama Cupcake looks fabulous in her sundress paired with flat jelly sandals and dangling teal fashion earrings! Would you believe it’s from a local flea market vendor? This woman is a frugal fashion pro! Only have $20? Just go shopping with my mother and she’ll show you how to look fabulously chic on the cheap and no one would even know how little you spent! Last year she helped me snag 3 fierce outfits for an event for under $40. Girlfriend is dressed head to toe for $10!

Mama Cupcake Fabulous Fashionable 50'sI love how my Cupcake is feminine, modest and chic and knows how to dress age appropriate while still looking modern. Just because you’re 50+ doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. My mother is full of life, love and light and her style reflects that. She has fun picking out accessories (especially earrings) and putting her looks together and I enjoy watching her! I had so much fun with Cupcake and she looks so beautiful in these photos I couldn’t resist posting about it!

Mama Cupcake Birthday 2013Oh and if that’s not hip enough for you, my mother has a blog! Yup, my mother runs Prayer & Word For Everyone! I know, I know, Mama Cupcake is awesome! 😉 Isn’t she lovely?!!!


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  1. Richard Hicks
    March 12, 2014 / 11:49 AM

    I must say she has it going on. Looks good in that flowing dress!