de-luxe BAIN Hawaiian Cane Sugar Scrub

de-luxe BAIN Hawaiian Cane Sugar Scrub

The summer sun can do a serious number on our skin. Well I’m all about smooth, glowing skin! I’ve been using de-luxe BAIN Hawaiian Cane Sugar Scrub – Amber Vanilla and let me tell you, it’s fabulously awesome! It gently exfoliates and soothes your skin leaving it feeling, soft, smooth and moisturized. The light fragrance is pleasant and won’t attract bugs or clash with your perfume. My honey loves this stuff! And you know guys hate it when girls pile on products, but he doesn’t mind this one at all. I even have him using it every once in a while, so ladies tell your man it’s not just for girls!

I use it right before I get out of the shower and no longer need to use body lotion. Using it in the shower avoids a mess but be careful if you’ve got a slippery shower surface. I’ve never had any slippery issues but as with any in shower product you should use caution. I use this daily and it lasts me about one month. I just ordered my third shipment. You can get an 18 oz jar for $9.99 at or try a price comparison site like Try it out and say goodbye to dry, flaky skin and hola to soft, touchable skin!



  1. RealTrophyWife
    June 22, 2009 / 10:19 PM

    i looove this type of stuff..ive been looking for a good sugar scrub forever.