My Cyber Monday Wishlist + Major Sweepstakes

Cyber Monday Wish List - Fashion & Decor

Holiday shopping is in full swing and if you’re anything like me you’ve waited patiently for Cyber Monday, the day you can score mega deals from your sofa sipping hot cocoa and sporting Tinker Bell pajamas. I checked out the Cyber Monday savings articles on The Good Stuff to prepare for my virtual window shopping and got right to work! My cyber Monday wish list is made up mostly of fashion and home decor from Kohls, one of my fave stores lately.

With all of the blogger events and personal gatherings I go to, I always seem to need a new dress. I tend to pick a few showstopper dresses but also like getting dresses that are chic but easily mixed with other pieces. This way I can layer a top, sweater, jacket or leggings making the dress look like a completely new outfit.

Cyber Monday Wishlist - Dresses

It’s getting chilly out but let’s be honest, I live in Florida and our “winter” doesn’t last long. With that said I like to pick up a few pair of jeans and pants but don’t be shocked with the shorts on my Cyber Monday wish list!

Cyber Monday Wishlist - Shorts & Pants

I also need a jacket/light coat. I have my eyes on one but I can’t decide between charcoal and navy. What do you think?

Cyber Monday Wishlist - Peacoat Jacket

So when it comes to my surroundings, I’m one of those people that likes to change everything like all the time! Have the same decor for a year? No way, not this girl! I get bored and decide I want to do a room makeover, right now that area is my office! I want to get a new accent chair, a stand and a change of color.

Cyber Monday Wishlist - Home Decor - Accent Chairs & Stand

Making a Cyber Monday wish list is fun but wouldn’t it be even better if you could get the items on your list? You might be able to with Cyber Monday Sweepstakes where you could score daily instant prizes plus there is a $5,000 Grand Prize! Make sure you enter so if you win you can grab all the goodies you’re wishing for! Cyber Monday GiveawayDisclosure: This post is sponsored by however all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help support – Fabulous Awesomeness.