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Coupons - Great way to save

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I’m all about online shopping. No searching racks of clothes just to find your size isn’t there, no worries of heavy lifting, no need to even get dressed and most off all no waiting in lines! Not only do I love the time saving but I also love the monetary savings of online shopping and is one of my favorite resources to find savings. The website is uber easy to use and I don’t have to search through countless invalid offers because the website is up to date with expiration dates clearly placed. I usually type in the specific online store I want to shop or browse by category to explore coupons. I’m typically a patient person but when I’m shopping I know what I’m looking for and I want to get it and move on with the next task of my day. Saving and convenience are priority for me when shopping!

Coupons - Great way to save

Now is a great time to check out back to school sales. It’s a great help to get uniforms, backpacks and supplies to get kiddo ready for school without breaking the bank! I’ll definitely be using the $5 off $50 at Sears to stock up on school uniforms. I’m also thinking about getting him his very own laptop since he needs computer access for most schoolwork now. Just a click here and there and I’m all set to save on my purchases. Aside from online coupon codes, also has printable coupons, loyalty coupons and card linked coupons. Basically you can use to save whichever way you like to shop. While you’re there, don’t miss out on the Back to School sweepstakes at!