Classic Night Look With TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup #TEMPTUDaynNight

Mina Slater - TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup #TEMPTUDaynNight

When I do my classic night makeup look I tend to deepen my day makeup slightly with a pop of color, apply a bit of foundation and perhaps a smokey eye look. I like to save time, look nearly flawless but still a bit natural because I simply want to enhance my features. TEMPTU has been my go to makeup lately so I’m excited to share this TEMPTU Night look I created as part of their Day & Night campaign. Check it out below and if you like this look be sure to go vote for me by clicking my photo, then like or share on that page. We both could win a $200 TEMPTU gift card!

Mina Slater - TEMPTU Day & Night

Since I transition my makeup from day to night, I’ve already done my eye makeup and just applied vitamin E to my lips to moisturize. I used my TEMPTU Signature Starter Kit to apply my foundation, highlighter, blush and lip color. The kit includes:

  • AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0
  • AIRpod Foundation
  • AIRpod Highlighter
  • AIRpod Blush
  • 3 Pod Stand
  • Signature Clear Makeup Bag

TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup

Using my shade match, Chestnut, I applied AIRpod Foundation in circular motions while holding the airbrush a few inches from my face and pulling the trigger about half way. I apply one layer for light coverage and 2 for medium coverage, for night makeup I tend to go with medium coverage.

Mina Slater - TEMPTU Day & Night

Next I added a bit of Champagne AIRpod Highlighter along the curve path of my cheekbones and temples. Basically it’s like making a C shape. My cheeks are my second favorite feature so I always like to draw some attention to that area.

Mina Slater - TEMPTU Day & Night

I know a lot of people do their lips last but I usually end up adding lip color before blush. I’m such a rebel huh? 😉 By putting the airbrush closer to my lips and making kissy face, I added a very light touch of Raspberry AIRpod Blush on top of light pink lip stain. Just enough to deepen the color.

Mina Slater - TEMPTU Day & Night

Now add some blush to the apples of your cheeks. I used Raspberry, a new shade of AIRpod Blush by TEMPTU. I’ve actually been using this blush a lot, it’s definitely a shade I see myself refilling often.

Mina Slater - TEMPTU Day & Night

Now that you’ve seen my TEMPTU Night Look, be sure to go vote for me. Just go to TEMPTU Day & Night, click on my photo and like or share to vote! You could win a $200 gift card when you vote for me in the #TEMPTUDaynNight campaign!

Mina Slater - TEMPTU Day & Night



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  1. Danielle
    December 9, 2014 / 4:17 PM

    Loved the look! Natural and beautiful (: