10 Ways To Use A Scarf To Travel …

The fabulous Jesse Sage was gracious enough to contribute this guest post and share 10 ways to use a scarf to travel like a bombshell. Enjoy! [Feautured Photo by: Catherine McMahon]

Hi there lovelies, I’m Jesse Sage, a model, Youtuber & blogger at JesseSage.com. Mina’s fashionable posts on travel inspired me to share one of my favorite travel style tips with you.

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Keeping A Healthy Mind and Body When …

We live in the era of extremely busy life folks. Sometimes too busy! I’ve finally come to the reality that with a household of 5 keeping a healthy mind and body is vital but can be difficult. I love going to fun places such as parks, beaches and restaurants but that is not always possible. I would love to have quiet time to meditate and reflect…or just sleep without anyone knocking at my door.

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It’s Time To Find Your Real …

Ladies, if there is one thing so many of us have in common it is struggling with bra fitting! I’m sure in under garment drawers across the world there is a bra with the wrong cup size, another with a band that is too large or small and the infamous one that simply doesn’t provide enough support and coverage.

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