Catching Up…

Port St. Joe Marina - Gulf County, FL

It has been a while darlings, so let’s catch up! I have been ridiculously ill, so I have been rather MIA both online and in the real world. Now that I’m on the road to recovery I am eager to get back into action! There will be new stories coming very soon but for now, I thought I’d just share a few tidbits of what is new and what I’m working on.

  • There is a new look around here! Before I was attacked by the cooties otherwise known as The Vicious Flu Monster, I changed the theme of this blog to what I consider a major upgrade. I instantly fell in love with this new, clean look which I consider the best I’ve ever had here. If you’re a blogger, I highly recommend checking out Pipdig themes for WordPress. They have are wonderful, easy to install and very affordable. They also have templates for Blogger.
  • I’m planning a road trip for my birthday next month and I’m so excited! I want to stick with warm weather so I’ll be hopping around Florida.
  • I am officially going to Ireland in October! Excited doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings on this subject. I almost wish I could fast forward time so that my trip could be here already.
  • Travel plans including Hawaii, Alabama, Wisconsin, Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos and Curacao are solidifying.
  • It’s almost time for The Makeup Show Orlando! I am the Lead Ambassador again this year, which means I’ll be working, but if you see me please do say hello! There are a lot of new things going on this year in addition to the greatness we’ve had before. The show is March 18th – 19th and you can get your tickets here.
  • I have some new tech gear on the way so I will have no excuse not to go hard with video content in the near future. Last year I loved writing about and sharing photos of my travels, but I think video footage will be a huge bonus to these posts.
  • I’ll be house hunting soon. That means lots of new decorating possibilities and I am ecstatic about that! I admit I may watch too much HGTV and am also a subscriber to the magazine, so I’m sure you can imagine how epic house hunting is to me.

I think that about covers it. I can’t wait to get back into my regular posting routine and start chatting with you all on social media again!


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  1. May 11, 2017 / 6:10 PM

    Hey Mina: It was lovely to meet you in Alabama. This is a super cute blog and I am glad I found it. Hope you make it home safely eventually and hope to see you again in Ireland in October. Til then safe travels!