Beauty Box 5 December 2013 Plus Sneak Peek Into January’s BB5 Box

Beauty Box 5 December 2013

It’s the last month of the year and Beauty Box 5 added a little bit of everything to help get through the holiday season looking great! If you don’t know about BB5, it’s a monthly beauty box subscription that delivers 5 samples to you for $12 a month. What I love is that the samples are deluxe or full sized. Here is what I received from Beauty Box 5 for December:

NYX Cosmetics Love In Rio

I love NYX Cosmetics so I was happy to get NYX Love In Rio eyeshadow palette Sway With Lola LIR13. This trio has really pretty colors that are light pink, brown/bronze and baby blue, all with a bit of shimmer. These are all shades that I would use and I’d like to incorporate these colors into my holiday makeup for a different look this year. I never use the sponge applicators, I’m a makeup brush kind of gal, but I do think it’s cool that this dual ended applicator has a different shape on each end. It could help with precision, especially with the crease and outer v. The NYX Cosmetics Love In Rio eyeshadow palettes are $6 retail.

NYX Cosmetics Love In Rio Eyeshadow Palette - Sway With Lola NYX Cosmetics Love In Rio Eyeshadow Palette - Sway With Lola

Body Drench Daily Moisturizing Lotion

This is my first experience with this brand but so far so good. I mostly use this lotion for my hands but I actually love it for feet too! If you have those spa socks put them on right after using Body Drench Daily Moisturizing Lotion on your footy toes, you’ll thank me later! (Yes I say footy toes, it’s way more fun to say than feet 😉 ) I can’t figure out the scent but it has a soothing effect and I just feel so relaxed.  A 16.9 fl oz bottle is $8.99 and that’s good in my book.

Body Drench Daily Moisturizing Lotion

OFRA Cosmetics Lipgloss Plumper

Excuse me as I do a happy dance! Seriously, squealed when I saw this in my box. I love, love, love OFRA Cosmetics! I received OFRA Lipgloss Plumper Sultry but the color looks so pretty and I’ve been wanting to go a little darker with lip color this season. I love lip gloss that actually has visible pigment to it and this one definitely does! Depending how you apply it, you can go bold or more sheer. I say be bold and have some holiday fun! 😉 OFRA Cosmetics Lipgloss Plumper is $12.95 which covers the price of this box alone!

OFRA Cosmetics Lipgloss Plumper Sultry

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

Back in the day I was a huge Clean & Clear fan! Because of blogging I ventured into trying other brands but Clean & Clear is still good in my eyes. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer is water based which makes my oily areas happy without neglecting my dry spots. It seemed strange using a gel instead of cream but I actually like it. The light scent is something I actually look forward to because I’m infatuated with everything cucumber and this has cucumber extract in it! For $6.99 you’ll get 3 oz.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

Every Beauty Flexible Foot Smoother

I’m not even going to pretend that I didn’t think this was a kitchen sponge at first glance. Seriously, I thought I was getting a subliminal message about the dirty dishes piling up in the sink. Nope! It really is a beauty aid! Both sides help exfoliate but one side is fine and the other more coarse. The odd shape of this really does help for gripping and the Foot Smoother actually works. I think it feels better on damp skin but you can use it dry too. It’s said to be usable on elbows and knees if needed. Every Beauty Flexible Foot Smoother is $4.99 and comes in 1 size.

Every Beauty Flexible Foot SmootherOverall I’m really happy with this Beauty Box 5 since I love 4 of the products and like 1. I’m extremely happy when I get a box where I don’t dislike or hate a single thing. Beauty Box 5 did great for December, the value is worth more than the $12 subscription price and I will actually use all of this. Ready for a January 2014 Beauty Box 5 sneak peek? If you sign up for  Beauty Box 5 by December 31st here’s what you can expect.

Beauty Box 5 January 2014 Sneak Peek

Beauty Box 5 January 2014 Sneak Peek
H2O Plus Sea Lotus Body Wash

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  1. Alexis
    December 23, 2013 / 10:57 PM

    I love that Nyx palette! The colors are really soft & pretty but you could use milk to make it pop.