Beauty Box 5 | BB5 Sample Box Review

Beauty Box 5 (BB5)

I was contacted with a request to review Beauty Box 5, a beauty sample box subscription service that delivers 4-5 beauty samples to you monthly. I received my complimentary box and of course couldn’t wait to share what’s inside with you darlings! I’m not a subscriber, so unfortunately I cannot state my opinion of the sign up process, customer service, etc. Anywho, let’s take a look at what I got!

Beauty Box 5 Sample Box Contents:

  • Blinc Eyeliner (mini)
  • Comodynes Easy Peeling sample
  • The All Natural Face Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow
  • Blum Naturals Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues (50 sheets)
  • Everyday Minerals Girl Friday Blush
Beauty Box 5 (BB5)
Beauty Box 5 (BB5)

The Packaging

The Beauty Box 5 contents came packaged in a teal cardboard box with black shredded crinkle paper. Usually the boxes I get are packed with more paper for better cushion, protecting the contents better. Fortunately, nothing was damaged so I guess that’s just less recycling I’ll have to deal with. The products themselves were placed inside a white organza bag. I love getting product inside organza bags because they are great to use as gifts bags, jewelry storage or makeup holders for your purse if it doesn’t have dividers or pockets.

The Products

I have used Blinc Mascara before and I liked it for the most part so I was excited to get Blinc Eyeliner, even if it’s just a sample size. Eyeliner is a makeup product I either like from day one or I don’t like at all. I’m a Florida girl, dealing with heat, beaches and pools nearly all year long, so I usually prefer waterproof makeup. Blinc Eyeliner claims to be water resistant and smudge proof . The mascara didn’t disappoint me so I hope this stands up to the test as well.  Full-sized Blinc Eyeliner is $26.00 retail.

Blinc Eyeliner - Beauty Box 5 Sample
Blinc Eyeliner – Beauty Box 5 Sample

I love testing facial cleaning wipes…some are great, some are a waste of space on retail shelves. Regardless which end of the spectrum they fall on, I love trying them! I’ve never tried or even heard of Comodynes Easy Peeling but I’ll give it a try. These claim to be exfoliating, so we’ll see. Even if I like them, I doubt I’ll purchase because I like a lot of bang for my buck…Comodynes Easy Peeling 8 pack is $12.99 retail.

Blum Naturals Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues is my favorite item in the box! Again, Florida girl, so facial tissues aka blotting paper is a staple in my to-go bag.I love that this is no tiny sample, it’s a full-sized item with 50 sheets. Score! Blum Naturals Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues is $2.99 retail.

Comodynes Easy Peeling Face Towelettes & Blum Naturals Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues
Comodynes Easy Peeling Face Towelettes & Blum Naturals Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues

All Natural Face Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow in Orange Ice Storm is completely new to me. I don’t own many mineral makeup products but I’m still picky when it comes to what I like. All Natural Face Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow appears promising. The color looks pretty and the texture seems smooth, fine and somewhat sparkly like Tinkerbell sprinkled it with fairy dust. And no, I’ll never outgrow Tinkerbell, get over it! 🙂 I also received a 20% off promo code which is cool. It was printed on purple paper and this isn’t a huge thing but it was written on to fix an incorrect expiration date. No biggie, it just doesn’t appear professional when you write on printed promotional material with a pen. The included eyeshadow applicator was a nice touch though. All Natural Face Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow is $3.50 retail.

The All Natural Face Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow
The All Natural Face Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow | Orange Ice Storm

I’m super picky with blush so although I like the color of Everyday Mineral Girl Friday Blush, I’ll have to wait to see how the color looks on me and how it blends. The application guide card is cute. Of course it comes with a plastic sifting layer to distribute a fair amount of product, but I took it off to capture the texture in the photo below. Everyday Minerals Girl Friday Blush is $10.99 retail.

Everyday Minerals Girl Friday Blush
Everyday Minerals | Girl Friday Blush


I’m on the fence with Beauty Box 5. After just one box I wouldn’t consider it the best or worst beauty sample box I’ve had, I simply liked it. I do love that all the items were beauty related…no yarn bracelets, bags of tea or other lifestyle samples were seen here. I’d love it if my favorite beauty sample box programs included more makeup, less skin care and no lifestyle extras. Sorry, but I’ll get my own tea bags or note card and I’d rather sample skin care I personally select based on my skin type. I also love that the product information card included in Beauty Box 5 tells you the price of each item at full-size. A part of me likes that everything in this Beauty Box 5 shipment is super affordable so if I love any items, I can easily purchase them. However, my main purpose for subscribing to beauty sample programs is to discover products I’d never buy without trying them first due to the price. I’m frugal but will purchase pricey items if I love them…but I won’t know if I love them without trying them first and that’s why sampling programs work for me.  Besides, it’s just fun!

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service that delivers 4 or 5 beauty samples to you. Samples may include makeup, skin care, hair care and/or fragrances. If you like products in your box, you can purchase them through BB5 or their partners. Also, if you refer 5 friends to BB5, you’ll earn a free 1 month subscription. You can subscribe for $12 monthly, $30 quarterly or $100 yearly. Boxes are supposed to be shipped mid month and shipping is free. You can learn more at, “Like” Beauty Box 5 on Facebook, follow @BeautyBox5 on Twitter and check out the Beauty Beauty Box 5 blog on Tumblr.