Baby Phat Smart Or Desperate?

Baby Phat Smart Or Desperate?

I find myself asking the question is Baby Phat making smart, profit building decisions or is the clothing line now getting desperate? I wonder this because once upon a time Baby Phat was a hard to find, exclusive fashion line. Then department stores like Macy’s carried the clothing. Now this:

Baby Phat is now being sold at Wet Seal online. I guess that is fine but what does not add up is the fact that Wet Seal aims most sales at the $40 and under scale. Yet, the Baby Phat clothing being sold is generally $79 for jeans. Why bother offering them to Wet Seal customers without a price break to fit the Wet Seal customer budget. Why not just hop on over to to buy the same items at the same price? It just seems like a waste…a gimmick to let the masses know Baby Phat still exists.

These days you can even buy Baby Phat at Walmart…so again I ask, is the company simply expanding to build it’s profit & availability or is it desperate to market to the masses? Tip to Baby Phat: If you plan to sell your items at lower end stores you need to sell them at lower end prices. I’m not a Walmart fan but I’m pretty sure your prices don’t fit the Walmart motto. What’s next, $79 Baby Phat at Forever 21?

P.S. I love my Kimora, but girl can we please not embellish that flippin cat on every article of clothing? Work on that and more people may become loyal to the line again. While you’re at it, lets get back to fresh designs, the only way to know an item is Baby Phat and not the same shirt at every other store is that hideous cat! I miss the old Baby Phat.



  1. January 21, 2010 / 12:41 PM

    Sounds like the death of the brand to me. I never really cared too much for Baby Phat anyway… I just thought the cat was cute lol

  2. Princess Mina
    January 28, 2010 / 4:26 PM