Awesome Makeup Tools: Stilazzi Synthetic & Duo Fiber Makeup Brushes

Stilazzi Makeup Brushes

I’ve turned into a brush hoarder and it all started with Stilazzi makeup brushes from my homies at Frends Beauty! Stilazzi is known for awesome makeup cases and I have a few so I was excited to try out their new brushes. Uber soft, pretty, vegan makeup brushes! The brush handles and steel ferrules are strong and sturdy but the bristles are oh so soft and perfect! The brushes are high quality but ranging from $3.95 – $22.95 retail, they are super affordable.

My biggest gripe when it comes to brushes is shedding. When you finish a flawless makeup application and take a selfie only to find what looks like random dog fur embedded in your foundation. When you wash them and 8 billion brush hairs fall out. Both are totally grounds for a Linda Blair flip out moment! You can best believe I put these Stilazzi makeup brushes to the test. Not a single furbaby moment on my face and 2 washes later the shedding was so minimal I could actually count the fallen. RIP 4 brush hairs, gone but not forgotten.

Stilazzi DF 105 Makeup Brush Stilazzi DF 104 Makeup Brush

So even though I’m all about the eyes when it comes to using brushes, I might actually start using face brushes more since these don’t shed. I’ve been using the DF 105 to apply my liquid foundation and I love using the Stilazzi DF 104 to powder my face. It’s like Tinkerbell is blessing my face with pixie dust as she bursts into song. Because all great things should end with a song & dance number. Or in boring normal terms it’s absolutely perfect for the finishing touch to set your makeup so you look fabulous!

Stilazzi S128 Makeup Brush Stilazzi S133 Makeup Brush

I use the Stilazzi S128 for blush and the S133 for contouring. I’ve also been getting more into cream products so the S106 comes in handy for that and the DF 101 teams up with it perfectly for cream blush.

Stilazzi S106 Makeup Brush Stilazzi DF 101 Makeup Brush

My favorite brush is the Stilazzi S100 hands down. Normally I’d use it to fill my eyebrows but this baby helps me effortlessly create the perfect cat eye! I actually plan to order a few more. I adore the S104 for patting cream & wet shadows. The S116 and S124 are both good for blending but I’ve really come to favor the S116.

Stilazzi S100 Makeup Brush Stilazzi S104 Makeup Brush Stilazzi S116 Makeup Brush

If you’re in the North Hollywood, CA area you need to drop by the Frends Beauty store asap! If like me, you’re nowhere near there but need the awesomeness in your life you can shop Frends Beauty online. Someday I am going to the store though and I’m going to spend all the money on all the things!

P.S. If you’re a pro makeup artist or makeup student you should apply for the Frends With Benefits program for major discounts! It’s the only “benefits situation” that doesn’t lead to heartbreak, drama or babies. 😉 Go apply and then grab those Stilazzi brushes!



  1. Chrissy Kim
    March 12, 2015 / 9:29 PM

    I need that S116 brush! Love tapered brushes like that!

  2. kathy pease
    March 20, 2015 / 2:12 PM

    These look awesome I would love a set..My makeup brushes have had the radish.