Autumn Staples – Beautiful Dresses and More

Autumn Fashion

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The changing seasons provide you with the perfect excuse to change things up a bit and refresh your wardrobe. So, today, for a change, I thought I would share a fashion roundup-style post.

Beautiful Dresses

You can buy some really great looking dresses from Fashion World here. For the party season, a dress is a perfect option. It is very much an all in one outfit. Provided you choose the right type, you can easily change your look using a few accessories and other items of clothing. So, there is no need to buy more than a couple of dresses.

If you are looking for a dress to wear to a party, opt for one of the longer more glamorous styles. Or treat yourself to one that has been made from a luxury fabric. There are some special looking velvet ones out there. They look simply stunning. If you are looking for something to wear for work a wrap or slip dress could be the perfect answer.

Anthropologie Velvet Dress(1)

Autumn Footwear Trends

As you would expect boots are the most popular option. You will find everything from ankle to over the knee boots. But, it is the ankle boot that dominates. They are a very practical option. You should also look out for the 80s style ruched boots. They are a little different and perfect for wearing with this year’s tapered trousers and jumpsuits.

Before you go shopping for a new pair, it is probably a good idea to measure your feet. I know this seems weird because a lot of people think that their shoe size remains constant throughout their adult life. In reality, that is not the case. Putting on weight, injuries and general wear and tear mean that your feet can actually get bigger or even shrink a bit as you age. So, it makes sense to periodically remeasure yours. You can find out how to do it by clicking this video link.

Coats And Jackets For Autumn 2018

J.Crew Italian Wool Day Coat

Now is a fantastic time to treat yourself to a new coat or jacket. Generally speaking, the super casual coats of the past few years have been replaced by much smarter designs. Long coats are very much back in fashion, especially camel, tweed and wool coats. You can also get your hands on a nice trench coat, which is a stylish and practical option. A coat that you will easily be able to wear for many years to come because they never really go completely out of style.

Jeans And Trousers

In the colder weather, it makes sense to wear trousers rather than skirts and dresses. It is far easier to stay warm when you wear them. It is good to see more cuts being made widely available. Straight jeans are starting to become easier to get hold of. Perfect for those of you who have not enjoyed wearing the skin-tight jeans that have dominated for so long.

True Religion Straight Leg Jeans

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